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Cocktoberfest ’09 Bonus!

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What’s that?
You’re upset that Cocktoberfest is over?!

Well, just for you, here’s a special presentation – as an encore -
created for us by the very talented Prospero:
(click through to see his presentation)


Cocktoberfest ’09 -Closing Ceremonies

Well folks,
That’s it
Cocktoberfest is over until next year!

I hope you’ve had a good time
and that these photos have inspired you to be a little more daring in your daily life
and made you think about how much wonderful variety there is out there in the world!

Plus, whether you’re a person [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 13

You guys!

You let me get away without posting a Cocktoberfest submission yesterday!

However, in my defense, I was busy testing out a strip-tease kit and massage bar – so you see, I was still thinking about you ^_~

Anyway, let’s get right to the submission, we’ve got a lot [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 12 + Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

We’re taking a tiny break from beer today
on honour of this festive occasion,
instead I’m serving you up a slice of pie

and of course, a nice pic

Today’s pic comes from Fully Naked, another regular Cocktoberfest participant (though he missed last year).

“Hey Shay.  I wanted to share [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 11!

I went to an apple orchard today and picked up some fresh apples,
that was pretty exciting and Fall-ish
don’t you think?

You know what else is Fall-ish?

I just realized that we only have three days left!
Enjoy it while it lasts people!

“Hey Shay. Got a pang of exhibitionism recently… good [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day Ten!

Which beer goes well with Turkey?
I’m having my Thanksgiving dinner tonight and I’m def looking forward to it!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a little room for some sausage as well today

Today’s submitter is a repeater, we saw him for CBW a couple of weeks ago, do you [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day Nine


How are you all doing out there?
I feel like my lurkers are being especially quiet these days,
so I just wanted to give a special shout-out to YOU!
Yep, you.

Also, have you sent in a pic for Cocktoberfest yet?
Last year I had to cut it short because I actually ran out [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 8

Whoa, I’m kinda on vacation right now
and I nearly forgot that there’s no vacation from Cocktoberfest!

Today’s submitter is Regin from Wired Tales: he’s wearing a non-alcoholic beer, because he says he doesn’t drink
see, we’re inclusive here
As usual, click through

(Do I need to keep reminding you to click-though?  You all [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 7

Well, just because I posted a regular CBW this morning, doesn’t mean we aren’t still celebrating Cocktoberfest!!

I’ve never tried this submitter’s beer of choice, but  I must say that I am tempted to now!

“I submitted a pic for Cockblogging Wednesday last year. I enjoy your blog,
so I figured I [...]

Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day Six!!

It’s only day six and we’ve already got a sexy fellow blogger up!

Dr. StrangeLove requested this beer, could it be because of the clever name?
Regardless, just click through to see him… you know… fully

“I’m partial to corona, Stella and good German beers =) cheers!“