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Product Review - Smooth

Everyone knows that Sliquid makes a great lube, so I was curious about their shaving product, Smooth, when those nice people at Babeland sent me a bottle. It’s meant to be extra good for shaving, especially on your delicate bits.

Smooth comes out of the bottle looking like lube, it’s a clear almost gel that’s chock full of ingredients that are good for your skin: mango and shea butter, green tea extract, vitamin E, Aloe Vera.  It’s also vegan friendly and not animal tested.

With the ingredients examined, there was nothing left to do but hop in the shower and give it a try.  In the interest of science I decided to shave half using the Smooth and half using my normal shaving cream, so that I would be able to tell if there was a difference between the two.

What I liked: Because the Smooth shaving gel is clear, I found it a lot easier to use than my normal shaving cream; it was easy to see exactly what I was doing, where I wanted to stop, etc.  It also left my skin feeling soft and I did find it a little easier to shave that side, possibly because the gel did work to soften the hair.

In comparison with my normal sensitive skin shaving cream, however, the Smooth gel didn’t really give me less razor bumps, as far as I could tell.

What I didn’t like: Well, there wasn’t really anything that I didn’t like about Smooth.

I think it held up well against my shaving cream and I’m curious to try it on my legs next. ^_^

Smooth definitely earned it’s 8.5 out of 1085of10


Comment from figleaf
Time March 16, 2009 at 8:12 pm

Hi Shay!

Years ago I had a bottle of cream rinse that was clear, and slippery enough that one day when I ran out of shaving cream I decided to try that instead. I kept using it until the company that made it went out of business.

Anyway yeah, because you can see through it you can really tell where the stubble is and which way the grain lies. And because it’s gel-based instead of soap-based it seems to stay slippery longer, and wet right up again if you just splash a little water on it.

Of course I used it to shave my face, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work well anywhere else.

Hmm… it might raise eyebrows if I left it in the shower in its original bottle but I might get some to replace my current shaving cream.

A tip about shaving by the way: I shave in the shower using one of those stick-on no-fog mirrors. All the humidity, not to mention the pre-soak from washing my hair, not to mention the fact that you stay soaking wet, really helps to soften the hair. And being in the shower obviously helps with rinse off too.

I keep the mirror at chin height but unless you need glasses I’m guessing a mirror closer to waist height would probably help shaving pubes.


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