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Pre-Cum is a Real Thing

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I’ve seen plenty of hentai and futa mangas, and I’m wondering if “pre-cum juices” are even real. Because if they are, I have never experienced it.(and I’m kinda worried)

Pre-cum is a real thing – it’s a clear viscous fluid that leaks (instead of being propelled like ejaculate) out of a guy’s penis when he’s turned on. It can leak out when you’re masturbating, when you’re having sex, or when you’ve just got an awkward random erection on the bus.

Physiologically it’s similar to semen, but usually without the sperm (though sometimes there can be traces). The function of pre-cum is to help lubricate things a little more when you’re about to have sex. More importantly though, it helps make your urethra less acidic (pee is acidic remember, and travels through a lot of the same tubes) so that your spermies have a better chance of survival once they land in a vagina (which, hopefully they won’t, since you’re using a condom regardless of whether you’re sexing men or women).

It’s unusual for men to produce the vast quantities of pre-cum that you might have seen in hentai/manga; most men produce maybe around a teaspoon of fluid, sometimes less, sometimes more – and some men don’t produce any at all!

Don’t worry if you’ve never noticed pre-cum on yourself, it could be that you’re in the group of men who don’t produce much (or at all). You may also be losing it in whatever else you’ve got going on – like if you’re jerking off with lotion/lube, you probably wouldn’t notice a few drops of pre-cum leaking out of your penis.

I hope that answers your question! ^_^

8 comments to Pre-Cum is a Real Thing

  • Oh, yes, it’s real, and it’s delicious.


  • Hugo

    for me, is easier to notice pre cum when i’m masturbating (without a lotion) because, if you take your time, you notice a drop of liquid on the tip or your penis

  • B33ker

    For me, once I get turned on, it flows like a river.

    I could probably near fill a shot glass pretty easily after 20-30 mins.

  • Phate

    My ex always leaked a whole lot of it but my current bf usually hardly leaks any, but it tasted great, kind of sweet, from both of them.

    Definitely real :D

  • My pre-cum flows pretty heavy if a girl is giving me good oral.
    It has been described as salty sweet and it looks very sexy on a tongue. :)

  • Elle

    I’d never experienced pre-cum until my current boyfriend, and there is preeeetty much nothing sexier! It must be the man equivalent of getting wet… now I know why straight guys are so turned on by that :D

  • Dan

    I love the taste of my own pre-cum when I masturbate. I did drink my own cum once. Ithought it was totally creamy and sweet. I always heard it would be sweet and gooey like an oyster. I would blow another guy ig I thought he would be sweet and creamy. I am afraid to ask my wife if I could eat my own cum out of her pussy. Would most women be grossed out by that?

  • Dan

    I meant I heard it was salty/bleach tasting. Feel free to email me at “[email protected]” with your comments.

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