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Toy Review - The Eroscillator


Look, I’m not someone who usually buys into the hype around “revolutionary” sex toys, so when my friends at Babeland sent me the Erocillator I was like “meh, it’s kinda ugly – but I guess I’ll give it a try.“  I’d heard rumors that it was going to blow my mind on twitter, but I was still skeptical as I unwrapped the protective plastic wrapping on the coppery toy.

The Erocillator and all it’s accessories are the same weird colour – it comes with the long dildo-shaped main device, three attachments (I got “the golden spoon”, the “grapes and cockscomb”, and the “ball and cup” heads), and a power cord that plugs into the wall.  The device has three settings – low, med, and high. So you plug in the toy, click on an attachment, and slide the plastic control bar to turn it on and vary the speed.

So what’s supposed to be so special about the Eroscillator? Well, it doesn’t vibrate like the other vibes in my toy drawer, it oscillates – in fact, it oscillates side to side at 7.200 RPM, which is nothing to sneeze at.  This is the first toy I’ve tried where the highest setting was actually a little too intense for me!

The massage heads are made of silicone elastomer, so it’s phthalate free, but this material is porous so you won’t want to share them with your friends (though that won’t be the only reason you won’t want to share).  The nice thing about the attachments though, is that they are removable so you can pop them off and give them a thorough washing without worrying about damaging the main device (which is waterproof anyway).

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. After I finished unwrapping the toy and it’s accessories and had flipped through the little manual that came with it, I picked out the “cup and ball” head, clicked it into place and prepared to see if the Erocillator would live up to the hype.

What I liked: Holy Shit!  I know my friends had told me that the Erocillator was good, but they didn’t tell me that it was going to blow my mind!  I thought I was too jaded to be this impressed by a new toy, I was wrong.  The Erocillator has an axially oscillating engine that the attachments are hooked up to directly, so all the movement goes into the heads, and not into the body of the device – that focused energy clearly makes a difference.  This toy’s oscillations didn’t numb my clit either (like other power vibes can do), it was intense without being wearying.

My fave head ended up being the “grapes and cockscomb”,  the cockscomb part is supposedly meant for labial stimulation, which was okay – but it was the grapes part that I really liked, it was the most textured of the heads that came with this toy.  Speaking of the heads, I thought they would be a pain to manage, but they click into the main body of the device pretty easily, even when you’re in a hurry or distracted.

The whole thing was decently quiet too… I think… I stoped noticing it making any noise at some point, so now I’m not sure.  The controls were easy to use also, one click for speed one, another for speed 2, and one more for speed 3 – the speed control runs along the whole length of the device, so if you change your grip or get very distracted, it’s not hard to figure out how to turn it up or down.

What I didn’t like: umm… the colour?  The colour has grown on me, but still I’d prefer something either a little more fun or a little more sedate (sparkly black?)  The only other thing I can think of that I’d change is the size, the main device seems a bit bulky, considering the fun is all in the little heads you click into it. That said, it’s bulky, but not cumbersome, I didn’t find that the handle or the cord got in my way at any point.

This toy would be great for:  anyone with a clit.  No seriously.  It is a bit on the pricey side, but if you’re feeling bored with all your other toys or have never been able to come with a toy before, give this baby a try.

I almost took away half a point for it’s appearance, but I just can’t be that judgey about the Erocillator anymore, it can have a full 10/10:10of10

12 comments to Toy Review – The Eroscillator

  • Oooh, sparkly black would be badass!

    I’m glad you love it as much as I do. It is truly a 10/10, hehe.

  • anon

    how similar was it to using the back head of an electric toothbrush?

  • Shay

    Epiphora – yeah!! We should write them a letter about changing the colour ^_^

    Anon – I haven’t tried an electric toothbrush, but I imagine this is more powerful and the heads are more textured.

  • Well, I suppose if this thing doesn’t work out, you can always use it to mix drinks.


  • B

    Back to back 10/10 for Babeland following an 8.5!

    Either they’re doing something right or momma’s got a thicker wallet. :P

  • It kind of reminds me of a bell, only uglier. I also have this horrible mental image of the attachments shooting off into god knows where. But you know, whatever works.

  • Shay

    Haa – call me old fashioned, but I prefer to use a spoon to mix my drinks

    B – They’re just lucky I guess, no one pays me to do these reviews

    Swedishskier – a bell? I think the reason why it’s so ugly is that it was designed to be kinda retro, like the early devices invested to help women suffering from hysteria get off:

  • Congrats on your eroscillator! I’m glad it’s finally making the rounds. I got mine months ago and it blew me away! We call it the golden toothbrush in my home. Doesn’t look like much, I agree, but I have had some of my most powerful orgasms because of it!

  • Amy

    I want this vibrator! Having trouble locating what I think is a ‘reputable’ seller. I found some on ebay…but I think its kind of gross to buy a sex toy on ebay. Couldn’t even locate it on the babeland website.

    Any idea where I can get one of these bad boys?

  • Amy

    I found it. You can get them on Simple solution.

  • Thrall

    We own the Big Three (Hitachi Magic Wand, Wahl Coil, Eroscillator), totaling $200 plus all-told. Believe it or not, my wife’s hands-down favorite is the little one-speed Natural Contours Jolie you can buy for as low as $9 on Amazon. (And we’ve bought a lot of Jolies, as sometimes they wreck her to the point that she hurls them across the bedroom and breaks them, so I usually keep 1-2 spares at any given time.)

    Now, beyond the humble Jolie, the Eroscillator is easily second. It’s what we choose when we want to draw the experience out (since the Jolie will take her Earth-to-Moon in about 2 minutes), because, as you say, the Eroscillator doesn’t make you go numb. The low speed is perfect for gentle up-and-over, close-but-not-over, up-and-over games, and then the second and high speeds can seal the deal.

    To fully appreciate it, you really need the soft marshmallow-looking tip, which is easily her favorite. Just last night she reported that when she pressed the marshmallow deeply into her clit, it would keep her on this high ecstatic buzz but wouldn’t take her over; but if she lightened the touch a little, she’d quickly cum. So we played a game where she’d hold it tight, ride the buzz, and then lighten the touch and count … one, two … and then deepen it again, to see how close she could get without going over. I had her count to two, relax, three, relax, four, relax; by the number five, she was desperate to finish and wouldn’t truck with any further teasing.

    Again, the Eroscillator, while it may not be the top ‘one and done’ choice, is beautiful in the way it lets you precisely shape your pleasure.

  • This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the braun electric toothbrush

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