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Cockblogging Wednesday + a Mini Toy Review!

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Remember I was talking about that crazy SuccuDry Fleshlight Sleeve?
Well, one of you – my lovely readers – actually tried it out and send me not only a little review, but snapped a couple of shots as well!
Check it out:

I’m just emailing to tell tell you about my experiences with my new succu-dry, as if it wasn’t for your site i wouldn’t of known about this amazing toy.

So pros…..

Feel: I found it to be a lot tighter than my normal stamina training fleshlight to the point where I had to remove the end cap or at least loosen it to be able to push my self in to it. Also I found that if i fully tightened the end cap when i was inside it would completely grip my cock and not let go so it dose seam like she has bitten you…….. but in a good way…..if your in to that kinda thing.

The new texture is the best i have felt yet as is by far the most stimulating and has caused me to have my most powerful orgasm yet. The tiny fangs have each a small hole at there base which creates even more suction so along with the tightness it really lives up to its name. But you will have to experiment to find how much suction you enjoy the most as it took my a couple times if find the right amount for me.

Looks: The art work on the case looks really good but sadly mine had a couple small creases. But this is a toy i wish i could leave out as a Halloween decoration. the look of the mouth its self is amazing and one thing i forgot to mention before but the two main fangs at the front create just a little bit of extra stimulation which i found to be a real treat.

Cleaning: this may sound a little odd as cleaning toys tends to be a bit of a chore but cleaning the succu dry I found to be a very an arousing experience as when i tipped it in the sink cum drip off the fangs and i had to instantly use it again.

Cons……..well there is none for me at least. I have never been so satisfied with a toy. I would like to thank you again for posting it on your blog!


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