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    Reader Question - Crazy for Cock-rings

    I just found your blog. A little too late, I’m afraid. This year I was going to buy the wife a sex toy. She has her faithful egg, but I thought about getting her a Rabbit. It’s been the toy of choice for bloggers the past month or so, I figured how could I go wrong. In the end I chickened out.

    I read all of your suggestions and you seem to know your toys. While I was reading I realized something, I have no idea what a cock ring is or what it does. I know that I’m a total stranger and all, but would you mind explaining it to me? Does it keep a man from ejaculating? I honestly have no idea.

    If you could spare the time I would appreciate the response.

    Thank you so much for your e-mail.
    Maybe your chickening out about the Rabbit was for the best, I don’t know if you read my review of one, but I think you might be better off getting your wife a good clit stimulator. ^_^

    As for your question, cock rings are pretty simple little doodads; they are usually just a rubber, latex, or jelly ring that you slide over your penis (and sometimes over your balls too). I’ve written about them a little bit in a old old old post HERE.

    Most don’t really do much except look interesting, but some can be used to trap the blood inside the penis, which is handy for guys with erectile problems. But other guys really dig wearing them because they like the slight pressure and really enjoy how it looks. A cockring won’t keep you from ejaculating though, unless maybe if it were dangerously and painfully tight.

    Another type of cockring has a vibrating bullet inside, which can be a lot of fun for penetrative sex with a partner or even just for playing alone. You probably already read my review of the cock ring with a vibrating bullet, but HERE is a link just in case.

    I hope I answered your questions! ^_^


    Comment from Prospero
    Time June 12, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    Oh, but they’re such a cheap toy! Why not try it?!! Seriously, the little stretchy jelly rings are very cheap. And the clear ones? People won’t even notice it if they start snooping in your bedroom! Even if you don’t have ED, they can add a little extra to your erection and delay orgasm. Depending on how it’s worn, it can either isolate your balls or slow down the speed of ejaculation when you orgasm, which may mean a few more of those nice “unh!” moments. And they cut down on the amount of foreskin sliding over your cock, which means the ol’ in-and-out action is less in you and more you and her friction. My opinion. Someone sent me one with a vibrating bullet as a freebie. That’s pretty popular with both of us. ;)

    Comment from Anonymous
    Time June 12, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    From my experience,

    If you are thick, it makes you even more bigger…I suppose because it does trap the blood in your crouch area very well

    -Polish Hammer

    Comment from Dirty Filthy Princess
    Time June 13, 2007 at 4:25 am

    great answer shay. I’m reviewing a rabbit vibe right now and I have to admit, it’s pretty scary.

    I actually have a question, my husband isn’t interested in cock rings. He’s heard that they can become a crutch, if you use them too much you start to need to use them all the time. Do you know if this could be true?

    Comment from Shay
    Time June 13, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    Prospero - are you sure it slows down the speed of your ejaculation, or is it a placebo effect? I think you and I are going to have to do some empirical analysis ^_~

    PH - maybe used in concert (carefully) with a pump…

    DFP - haha! Rabbit vibes definitely aren’t for everyone, but those who love them REALLY love them ^_~
    As for your cockrings as a crutch idea, I don’t think that should be the case - unless a guy became mentally addicted to them, like if he convinced himself that he NEEDED one to stay hard. Your mind has an amazing amount of control over what your body does, without you even being aware of it! scary, eh?

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