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A couple of questions about sex… of all things

I know certain medications have the ability to affect your libido. But can it affect your ability to achieve orgasm? I’m single at the moment so this is all self-induced.  I switched birth controls not to long ago and I’m wondering if it is the source of my problem. I don’t have any trouble getting aroused and really starting to enjoy myself. Then when things start to reach their peak it goes all fuzzy and I float right over the top of it. If I’m making sense? I know you can’t have a great orgasm every time, but I don’t think I should be having half-cocked ones every time either!

Darn! Half-cocked orgasms are not so good! It really could be your BC pills, they can result in some fairly wonky and unexpected side-effects. It may just be that your body hasn’t adjusted to the new hormone cocktail and things will fix themselves after a while. If your ‘gasms aren’t sorted out after a few months though, you should def bring this up with your doctor and ask about switching to something else.

This is actually a question I would have liked to ask about my ex-boyfriend when we used to date. He was my first and our sex was great, the only problem was that he was 1′ 4″ taller than me so we had some troubles with positions, though doing it doggy style was always fun!  Heck, we even did me on a desk, but the uncomfortable thing was that i would always be bent in half (feet above the head) and I didn’t like that.
So I wondered if there were any other positions to try? Should I have another boyfriend who is much taller than me I would like to know what we could do position wise.

There are lots of positions that you can use to get around mismatched heights. Doggy-style is one good option, but any position where you are on top would work great too (you can face him while you straddle him or go for the reverse cow-girl) as well as positions where you are perched somewhere with your legs spread instead of over your shoulders: sitting on a desk, table, washing machine, or just held up against a wall.

I hope that answers your question!


Comment from Maikeru
Time October 15, 2008 at 4:54 am

I’d say that “wonky” is a bit of an understatement. BC pills can create really, really weird side effects. One friend switched pills and she gained about 15+ pounds over a month and a half (which she’s still having issues getting rid of about 3 months later). Another person I knew had their libido go through the roof (which typically isn’t the case since a lot of people report that the libido is slightly dampened when using pills). If someone is taking other medications there may be all manner of even stranger things due to drug interactions.

Anyway, I’d advise the person similarly (seeing the doctor if it doesn’t remedy itself in a few months) since suddenly losing the ability to have good orgasms would be pretty bad.

Comment from Caracala
Time October 17, 2008 at 3:12 pm

I expected positions to be a bit of an issue with my partner when he is a foot and three inches taller than I am, but that’s certainly not the case. And I’m not flexible at all, so that even knocks out a fair amount of positions anyway. Pretty much anything can be modified to work for us, though, so no problems here at all.

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