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The 200th Cockblogging Wednesday!!!

It’s amazing to think that we’ve seen a whole 200 Cockblogging Wednesdays here at The S Spot!

That’s 200 submissions (and that’s not even counting the pix for Cocktoberfest!) from generous and friendly readers who were willing to share themselves with us and open themselves up to comments!

I’ve been exploring my archives to figure out when I first started going CBW,
turns out it was WAY back in October 2005 – which means I’ve been doing CBW for almost 5 years!!

That first CBW post wasn’t even a reader submitted photo – just something cute I’d found online.

Faithfully though, I was back the next week, and this time I had a picture a guy friend of mine had given me permission to post.
The week after I had a picture sent in by some fellow bloggers I was friends with online.
And by week 4 I had adopted not only my now-traditional title format, but the entries from readers started trickling in at a semi-regular pace – which meant that CBW was set to continue!

In fact, the next October I had such a HUGE amount of submissions that I started Cocktoberfest: partly because I thought it would be fun, partly because I had just moved to a city were Oktoberfest is a big deal, and partly because I needed to burn through the MASSIVE queue of CBW photos that had developed!
(As my longtime readers know, Cocktoberfest has now become an annual feature at The S Spot!)

That year CBW served as a vehicle to answer a reader’s question about penis size worries
AND to show off a great toy review too.

2006 also saw the addition of CUNTblogging Wednesday to our repertoire, which gave our female readers a chance to not only participate but to also have a rare look at what other real women look like – there’s a fantastic amount of variety in the pretty pussies and courageous cunts we’ve seen on the site!

In 2007, shortly after passing my 50th CBW, I started censoring CBW - just to make the site a little more friendly and less jarring to newcomers.
I mean, not EVERYONE who comes to The S Spot is interested in CBW and this way they would have to option to click-through to see the uncensored pic if they wanted.
I do have a pretty fun time picking the image I use as a cover-up too – usually it relates to either the submission itself or will have something to do with something going on in my real life.

Yep, CBW has been a pretty regular feature here at The S Spot – no matter how crazy busy my life gets, you can always count on a CBW update (even if it goes up a little late).

And speaking of CBW – let’s get to the winning submission!!
If you haven’t been keeping up with the site, I’ve been running a contest over the past few weeks.
My readers sent in CBW pictures and I used my trusty random integer generator to pick one luck submitter to win a Vibro Lady Touch Fleshlight from Eden Fantasys!

The winning entry ended up coming from Joe!


Here’s my entry.  A little last minute, fortunately performance anxiety has never been an issue.

Joe’s fabulous prize will be winging it’s way to him shortly
Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll tell us how much he likes it after he’s taken it for a spin.

If you’d like to submit a pic for CBW (or Cocktoberfest!), do it!
See my ABOUT page for more details

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