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Product Review - Inflatable Position Master

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have noticed my mysterious complaints about blowing up sex furniture; those complaints were because I had taken the Inflatable Position Master from Sexual Fantasy Boutique out of the box and wanted to take it for a spin! Clearly, if I am going to keep reviewing inflatable things, I am going to need a hand pump.

Anyway, the Inflatable Position Master (IPM) inflates to become a large wedge, covered in soft (easy-to-clean) flocking, with two sets of handles on the sides.  Included in the box is a patch, in case of any holes, and a blindfold.  There are photographs on the box depicting various positions to try using the wedge – but none of them solo, so I had to recruit an assistant to help me test this product out properly!

What we liked: I was skeptical as I inflated the IPM wedge, but it was actually really fun to use.  It’s comfortable to lay on and you get a nice bounce back with every thrust – kind of like using a swing or having sex on a waterbed.  We tried out a few different positions on the wedge and even found one or two where the handles were actually useful.  It was also great for getting my hips up in the right position for my kneeling partner when I leaned over the taller end.

What we didn’t like: Mainly my only complaint was that it’s not so fun to blow it up by mouth.  Other than that, well: we did find one of the sets of handles kinda useless, and if I was laying face-down up the wedge (so that my head was at it’s highest point) the bounce-back jostled me too much every time my partner thrusted.

This product would be great for: a long weekend away!  It’s pretty flat before it’s inflated so you could bring it with you, blow it up once you get to your destination, play with it throughout your stay, and then consider ditching it before you return.

I had a bouncy fun time on the Inflatable Position Master, I’ll give it a 7 out of 10:

2 comments to Product Review – Inflatable Position Master

  • Texguy

    I’m left wondering… is it useful for any non-sex purposes, like if you just need something to sit on?

  • I was thinking about this, and because of the low angle it creates, I personally don’t think I would want to use it as a seat or as a backrest.

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