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Wacky Wrappers

I love novelty condoms, especially clever ones.

When I used to live in the Caribbean, the gift shops all used to sell condoms with a picture of two turtles (or other marine life) mounting each other, with text that read: Soon Come.
I always thought these were so funny because “soon come” is a Caribbean expression that means anything from “coming soon” to “I’ll be there soon” to “I’m coming”  – but there’s also obvious sexual innuendo there as well.

The following novelty condoms aren’t real – but they should be!

Anyone familiar with MarioKart will recognize that this condom must have some POWERFUL spermicides on it


Translation: "I will not be your father!"

This guy made a whole set of mock Nintendo condom packs!
check it out

It’s dangerous to have sex without a condom ^_~

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