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Sexy Summer Contest - NOW CLOSED

As you may have noticed,
it’s summer.

The weather is hot, the clothes are skimpy, and people are feeling frisky.

Which has gotten me thinking about some of the very fun places I’ve enjoyed getting off.

But instead of telling you about my sexual exploits…
I’d actually like to hear about YOURS.

The Windsor Knot

Everyone should know how to tie a tie… just in case..


Cuntblogging Wednesday 52

I always like it when I can mix things up with a Cuntblogging Pic for CBW

I hope you ladies aren’t forgetting that you can send in pix for CBW too!

What about YOU what to you think of cuntblogging?


I do love a generous couple

Wanna participate [...]

Dating and Relating

“I am 18, and a bit of a loner. I have never been in a relationship of any kind, and I’d just like to ask how the entire process works.  I have girl friends, of course, but it’s the all important space between the words. As a bit of background, I am a geek, smart, [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 192

I don’t think I usually get jet lag when I fly within Canada
(it’s a pretty big country – 2nd in the world to Russia – but still).

But this time I feel like I’m going to bed way later than usual and not sleeping in very late…
Though who knows, maybe I’ll crash [...]

Toy Review - Tenga Egg

Tenga is quickly becoming recognized as a major player in the jack-off device game (if fact, I’ve reviewed the squeeze play in the past) – though their products aren’t as durable as something like a Fleshlight, they are cheaper, which does make them attractive to guys/couples who’d like to try a sleeve but don’t want [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 191



Yep it’s okay, take a moment to laugh, we’ll wait.

Good to go on now?
ok ^_~

This week’s submitter’s denim reminded me that the Calgary Stampede is currently on,
which created a great excuse for a hilarious Toy Story reference (I’m planning to [...]

Lubes, Vaginas, and UTIs

“I’m curious about lubes, especially those pesky water-based ones containing glycerin. It seems common enough knowledge that the glycerin can induce yeast infections if you’re prone to them; but no one seems to know whether there’s an increased risk of urinary tract infections.

So, can water-based, glycerin-housing lube give me a UTI?

Oh, and while I’m [...]

It Came from the Internets - a look inside the real doll factory

They don’t call it the uncanny valley for nothing…


Cockblogging Wednesday 190


We are just ten cocks away from the 200th Cockblogging Wednesday!
If you want your shlong featured be sure to send it in!!

In other news,
here is this week’s submission!

I keep reading about how we should be eating more organic fruits and veg (especially for things that you don’t [...]