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Porn Review – Big Bang Theory XXX

I have seen maybe one and a half full episodes of the sitcom Big Bang Theory, which I think makes me just qualified enough to review a pornographic parody of the show.  ^_~
I think these parodies are a hilariously great concept – remember what I said about how hentai lets anime fans see their fave [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 183

Why Strawberries this week?
Well, they were on sale this week so I got a basket – turns out I had forgotten how good fresh strawberries are!
I had to buy another basket last night on the way home from the gym.

Aside from being yummy, strawberries are supposed to be this sexy/romantic fruit [...]

There are Many Ways to Orgasm

“Hey, Shay, long time reader, first time desperate advice seeker.
At the tender age of 25, I just figured out how to make myself orgasm. As I’ve been a pretty sexually active girl who *thought* she knew her own body for the past 12 years, it came as quite a shock. The worst part [...]

Spring is a Great Time for Home Renovations

srsly though
You def do want to be careful when hanging a new sex swing
P.S.  you def do want a sex swing – they are SO comfy, even if you mostly use to as a reading spot

Green Up Your Sex Life!

It’s Earth Day!
A day to raise awareness about how we can all do our part (even in small ways) to help preserve our planet and live healthier every day.

Here are a few tips to help make your sex life a little greener:

1. Turn out the lights. Even if you [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 49

You know that thing that happens where you forget what day of the week it is?
That totally happened to me and I forgot about CBW!!!

To make up for my silliness,
you get a cunt instead of a cock today!
Just to change things up a little.


“The thought of making a [...]

Oh! You Found My *Caption*!

It’s been FOREVER since we last played the caption game!!

And last time you even did fairly well, a few of a faves were:
“male: I may not be going at the speed of light, but I’m pretty sure I just stretched your space.“

“Hmmm. You’re right. Practical fluid dynamics is [...]

How/Where do YOU Stash YOUR Porn?

Congress Announces Plan To Hide Nation’s Porn From Future Generations

Cockblogging Wednesday 182

No need to worry about April Showers with THIS many umbrellas to protect you!


“Hi!  Here is my entry.  love the futa stories! =)“

Pre-Cum is a Real Thing

“I’ve seen plenty of hentai and futa mangas, and I’m wondering if “pre-cum juices” are even real. Because if they are, I have never experienced it.(and I’m kinda worried)“

Pre-cum is a real thing – it’s a clear viscous fluid that leaks (instead of being propelled like ejaculate) out of a guy’s penis when he’s turned [...]