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cocktoberfest2009Once again The S Spot is pleased to welcome back our Cocktoberfest!
What is Cocktoberfest?
Well I’m glad you asked:
Cocktoberfest is a two-week festival of Beer and (man)sausage!

Which means that, along with The S Spot’s regularly scheduled postings, every day we will ALSO be featuring a different submitted cock and a beer!

What better to get you through those chilly early fall days than a nice pint and a little exhibitionism.

For this year’s opening ceremonies, we’re joined by a seasonal favourite, Ronan!
Coincidentally he is wearing the same brand of brand of beer that I put on him last year – but this time it’s the lime version, which I quite like (it has a much better flavour than bud-lite lime).

_DSC2617censfunny word, isn’t it, “submission”. I hereby submit to Mistress Shay the following…heehee
Hugs, kisses and other various adoring gestures at your feet, Ronan

Oh Ronan *blush*


I’m still taking submissions for Cocktoberfest too! If you’d like to participate, just shoot me an e-mail ( with your pic and tell me what your fave beer is and why.

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