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Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 2!

Welcome to Day Two of Cocktoberfest!

Before we get to today’s offerings, I have some non-cock related new for you:

Your Shay sprang up from her reading this morning to answer the door,
at the door was the Fed-ex man,
he gave Shay a package ( a box silly, tsk, you DO have a dirty mind),
in the package was a brand new toy from her friends at LoveHoney.
I can’t tell you what the toy is!
Because it’s SUPER top secret!
In fact, just check out this website about it!

Mysterious, no? I bet you’re just itching to know what it does !

Anyway, here is today’s feature (man)sausage and beer (as always, click through to see him sans beer)

Today’s submitter is wearing a Corona because the local bar I’ve been visiting these past couple of weeks has a special on them on Wednesday nights, so I’ve been drinking them more often than usual. That is all.

-1censi hope this is up to your high standards

Well, what do you say readers – is it?

3 comments to Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 2!

  • Doug

    Given that it’s cocktoberfest, how about a feature on cool, revolutionary new sex toys… for men? Is it just that there aren’t any out there?

  • Mabel

    Shay has done a few articles on them, like the blossom and such – but there are plenty of others out there if you just look around. The Aneros Helix looks quite fun. ^^;

    There’s also C-rings, pumps, fleshlights, plenty of prostate stimulators…
    Hehe! definitely need to visit an adult toy store sometime.

  • Mabel

    Oh! I almost forgot!
    You definitely met the standards, boy, and surpassed them. Nice submission!

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