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Toy Review – Ellove

A3790-0There was something pleasing about the look of the Ellove vibrator that my friends at Babeland sent me. It’s curvy in just the right places, it’s thick, and it’s made of velvety, flexible silicone. Sure I spend 2 whole minutes trying to figure out how to open up the battery case before I realized that you have to twist it (*face-palm*), but it was worth the effort.

This is one of the Fun Factory’s vibes, so it has their classic “plus and minus” control system (also, the buttons light up) and a bunch of fun vibration and pulse settings – but what really makes this vibe stand out is it’s power boost button.  The idea is that if you’re just hovering on the edge of orgasm as need a little boost to put you over the top, you just press the button on the end and the vibe will surge harder for a moment.  Intrigued?  So was I…

What I liked: As usual, I like the simple control scheme that Fun Factory uses, it’s easy to cycle through the programs, and I found that I liked every single one.  It’s motor was powerful too (though it better be, it takes 4 AAA batteries!), even the lowest setting was decently buzzy.  It wasn’t too too loud either, you wouldn’t be able to hear it from another room.  As I mentioned above, this toy has a nice girth too, the soft silicone means that it can be thick without being awkward or painful to insert (provided you’re ready for it).  The vibrations worked well when it was inserted as well (as in it felt good and didn’t make me feel nauseous), plus it was flexible enough that I could bend it a little to get it closer to my clit. Oh and the power boost button – yeah, that was really fun to play with too; the toy really does rev up to a noticeably more intense level.

What I didn’t like: No real complaints here, though I wish the power boost button effect would last slightly longer.

This toy would be great for: Anyone looking for a new insert-able vibe for their collection, Ellove is well made and works great.  However, I want to warn you that it is thicker than a lot of the other vibes I’ve reviewed, so if you’re new at this, you might want to go with a different model – or at least make sure you’re good and ready before you try inserting it (like I did).

Ellove certainly did a nice job of keeping me company on a cold night, how does an 8.5 out of 10 sound?85of10

2 comments to Toy Review – Ellove

  • Mabel

    You forgot to post up today’s Cocktoberfest submission! Oh noes!

    It does look kinda large, even though the site specifies it as having a 1-1/2″ width. Is that at the tip, there, or how much small is the shaft just past it? (It’s kinda hard to tell from the pictures.)

    The size sounds about perfect for me.
    Will this work for anal play? Or is it not flexible enough?

  • Shay

    I didn’t forget today’s Cocktoberfest! I just haven’t gotten around to it yet ^_~

    I would expect that that’s the measurement at it’s widest point.

    I think this toy could potentially work for anal – but of course only if you keep a grip on it, since it doesn’t have a flared base you could lose it.

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