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Cocktoberfest ’09 – Day 5!

Hello! It’s day 5 of Cocktoberfest here!
How are you enjoying the festivities so far?
Don’t be shy – feel free to speak up (even anonymously) in the comment section below!

A good friend of mine (not pictured) drinks this brand of beer almost exclusively, so I always seem to have a leftover bottle kicking around my fridge.  I kinda like that.

DSC00005censHoy Shay!   Long-time reader of your blog here, and I knew you had been running low on ammunition for your CBWs, and that’s such a shame, since Cocktoberfest is coming up! Now, being that I’ve enjoyed your blog for so long, I can’t morally just sit back and let this happen, can I? ;)
So here is my submission.
Enjoy, because it comes with a story!
This is one of the first few times I’ve taken nude pictures of myself, and I don’t get to do it very often, but I enjoy it a considerable amount when I do. It’s something I’ve always toyed with in my mind, tasting, testing, but never really committing myself to it. I don’t know what exactly it is I enjoy about it either, which is what confuses me. If it’s the risk and sexiness of being caught, or the embarrassment of exposing myself, or the simple act of performing for someone is what gets me going.
And in that mood, and also since Cocktoberfest is approaching fast, I’ll offer this to your readers:
If there is any certain part, position, view, style or request of me that you want to see, then tell us! I’ll do my best to provide a few unique, interactive and fun photos for an upcoming CBW! Thank you for keeping this blog running, and providing us with years of entertainment and education!”

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