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Toy Review – a Little Something

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I’m a sucker for a few things – one of them in small vibrators, another one is sleek packaging, and of course another is reviewing new toys for you all.  Thank goodness my friends at Babeland know how to tap into all of these things at once and sent me the Little Something by JimmyJane!

The Little Somethings comes in gold, platinum, and steel – I picked steel.  The Little Steel is a sleek and slender matte vibe about 14cm long. Once the cap is screwed completely into the housing it’s waterproof too – so you can bring it to the pool or in the tub/shower (thread a thin rope through the two holes in the cap and you could wear it around your neck or fix it to your wrist and no one would guess that you’re bringing a vibe with you to the beach).  The motor inside is easily replaceable (it looks like a AA battery), which is nice if you’re going to invest in a gold or platinum plated toy.  Oh! and it comes with a battery, which you all know I like.

You turn on the Little Something by twisting the cap clockwise until it starts to buzz – it only has one speed, supposedly tuned to the resonant frequency of the human body.  The idea is that you vary the intensity of the vibrations yourself,  by moving the toy around: the strongest vibrations are at the tip, the weakest are at the cap, and the intensity varies along the shaft.  Also, because this toy is made out of metal, you can use it for temperature play by warming it in a bowl of warm water or cooling it in the fridge before you use it – yum, perfect for summer! Now, on with the review!

What I liked: I actually didn’t have a problem with the vibe only having one speed, esp since it was a speed that I liked. I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but I certainly found that the vibrations were strong enough to get me off.  I also liked the design of this toy; it’s slim and long like a stylus, and I liked being able to focus the vibrations where I wanted them.  I was also extremely impressed with how quiet this toy was.

What I didn’t like: no real complaints here

This Toy would be great for: It’s a great vibe for people who need discrete toys since it’s so small and inconspicuous and, most importantly, it’s super quiet – you could keep it under your pillow all year and your roommate would never suspect that you use it every night.  Little Something also makes a good toy for couples and groups because it won’t get in the way and is easy to grip to add a little extra something while you have sex or play.  Since it’s so small, it won’t take up much space in your luggage if you decide to take it on vacation with you as well.

Little Steel earned itself a sleek 9 out of 10:9of10

*Note: Babeland has discontinued the Little Steel, but the Little Chroma is similar (just made of different metal).

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