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Toy Review – Twisted Crank

twisted crankI’ve wanted to try out a glass juicer (aka crank) for years – years!  Ever since I saw them on some late night television show when I was a teen, I’ve been curious about how a glass toy might feel and what that cranking motion would feel like.  So when my friends at RubyGlass21 contacted me and asked me to pick out a toy from GlassDildoz I immediately picked out the cutest crank that had measurements that I thought I could handle (glass can be very unforgiving if you pick too big a dildo): the Twisted Crank.

First off let me talk a little bit about glass toys.  The benefit of using glass toys is that they are super easy to sterilize – they are non-porous and you can heat them up hot enough to burn off  bacteria.  They are also great for temperature play – you can warm them in a bowl of warm water or pop them in the freezer to get them nice and cold.  Plus glass toys are pretty durable; unless you’re really rough with them (when they aren’t in your body) they’ll last forever (unlike some rubber dildos which may denature after a while).

The Twisted Crank is just under 13cm long and has a 2 .5cm diameter. The head is kinda neat because it’s not smoothly round: the sides are squared off with rounded edges. It also has a raised coloured glass ribbon running around the shaft.  The “crank” part is at the bottom, where the glass flares out and a little glass handle is attached.

I settled down to use this on a hot summer morning (I hadn’t installed my A/c yet) and the glass felt blessedly cool – for about 30 seconds, until my body got it all heated up! haha  I originally tried having a partner use it on me, but ended up taking over so I could change the angle.  And now, on with the review!

What I liked: I’m not always a fan of dildos,  but I actually did like this one, it was comfortable: it filled me without catching on anything or hurting.  I was worried that the glass would feel too hard inside my squishy-ness, but I didn’t notice anything uncomfortable either.  I  liked how the toy warmed up to my body temperature too, it made the glass feel somehow organic.  I also found that the crank part at the bottom made a great handle – I had the base of the toy in my palm, with the crank handle between two fingers, it worked perfectly!

What I didn’t like: I guess my one complaint would have to be that I didn’t really feel that spinning the toy inside me using the crank really did anything.   We both tried spinning it (btw it was much harder to spin it myself), and I just didn’t feel much; maybe I would have if I had picked a more textured toy, I’m not sure.  I idea of it spinning was sexier than what I experienced. We did find that it was much more interesting to pull it out a bit, and twist it back in.

This toy would be great for: someone looking for a glass dildo to try – I did enjoy playing with it, despite the crank action not doing much for me personally.  Like I said above, glass dildos have a lot to offer, but maybe you’ll want to pick a different model if you aren’t sure about this one.

The Twisted Crank gets a head-spinning 8 out of 10:8of10

1 comment to Toy Review – Twisted Crank

  • Coincidentally, someone special bought me a crank glass dildo very much like this one (except with little bumps and ridges instead of swirls) a couple of days ago. I love it, mainly because it is so beautiful. I, too, find it kind of hard to ‘crank’ myself, but it sure was nice when he did the work. :)

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