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The Best Friend (part 4)

Oh hello there!
I have the next section of that story you’ve been reading all ready for you.
Which story?  Well, clearly you haven’t been following along with the story I’ve been posting by one of my very good friends!
If that’s the case (or even if you’d just like to refresh your memory), I suggest you go back and read parts 1, 2, and 3 before continuing here.

I take a deep breath and push her ever so slightly off of me, but she stirs a bit, moves a bit, pulls herself a bit closer, and her hand grips my dick.

I almost jizz right there.

She’s gripping me like a kid playing with a joystick. Ironically, this is what I’d always wanted her to do, but I just kind of hoped she’d be awake when she did it.

I look down and realize that my dick is still jetting out of my PJs, and she’s fully gripping it. It’s not a tight grip. It’s the kind of grip a sleeping person has on their pillow or the person next to them. But fuck, for a virgin high school kid, having a girl touch you like this, even if she is unconscious, is almost too much.

I wonder for a moment, who is raping who.

Ash’s grip lightens a bit, but my cock is still not going anywhere.

I always imagined that the first time a girl had her hand around my cock I would be in an awe inspired paradise. I mean, as a teenage boy, I would literally sit up at night and try to think of ways to get girls to touch my penis.

Yet here I am, laying in bed next to a beautiful girl—next to an amazing girl, next to a girl I fucking want to date and marry—she’s got her hand around my cock, and I’m trying to think of ways to not jizz all over myself.

It’s an interesting exercise. Usually when my penis gets touched I look forward to cumming. I even try and make it happen quickly, if I’m in a rush or if I think my parents or brother might come knocking on the bathroom door and kill the mood. I’ve never tried not to cum. And it’s fucking hard! Mind the pun!

I decide to try and move her again.

I push her gently. Trying to move her without waking her up. I really don’t want to wake her up right now. If I thought explaining why my dick was between her legs would be awkward, I couldn’t even fathom how I would explain away this.

I push her again, and she does get off me, but she pulls my dick with her as she goes.

I’m caught between pain and ecstasy. If I don’t move with her, she’s going to jack me off and I might cum right there. So I turn with her hand, and now we’re both laying on our sides, facing one another, with one big elephant in the room, laying directly between us, cocked and ready to fire at any second.

Perhaps worst of all, as I look at her, I notice that the spaghetti strap on her top has fallen down, and her naked breast is now hanging out, staring at me.

I try to look away but it has some strange power over me. Like a booby trap. A real booby trap. My gaze remains fixed. Even if I didn’t want to think about sex right now, I no longer have that ability.

As I stare into her orb of sexual doom, I feel my dick pulsating a bit, and it rubs in her hand each time it does. Which of course, only makes it pulsate more and more and well… I’m fucked!

I slam my eyes shut and tell myself not to look, not to think. I run through all the possible outcomes of this night in my head, and I start to wonder, if I did just ejaculate all over myself, all over her and she woke up to cum spraying everywhere, would it really be my fault? I mean, yes I know she literally just told me that she wants us to be friends and only friends, but hell, my penis doesn’t know that. I could just say, “I’m sorry but you gave me a hand job in your sleep, what was I supposed to do?”

I try harder and harder to not think about sex, to block out the knowledge that my best friend is jacking me off in her sleep. But the more I try not to think about it, the more I have to think about it.

She moves again.


I start to try and pull my dick out of her hand, but the pulling sensation feels too good. I can’t… if I pull it out I’m going to cum!

Double fuck!

The tit looks at me!


She gives a sigh in her sleep.

Fuck why is that sexy?!

Then, she jerks in her sleep for just a second, her hand clamps down then releases, and it’s all just too much. I feel it coming. Like a dam about to burst, there’s no holding back here. I’m going to fucking cum. My dick starts to pulsate more and more. Fuck!

Oooo  what a spot to cut!  heh heh heh
You know I’m just a terrible tease, even to my poor sweet readers. ^_~
But don’t worry, next time I promise you’ll get to read the end of my friend’s story.


5 comments to The Best Friend (part 4)

  • Hugo

    yeah… you’re a tease… and we love it
    Thank yoiu Shay for sharing this with us

  • Taeraresh

    Evil teasing, but it’s a damned good story to be teased with.
    At least you’re posting regular updates. A few authors I enjoy have left stories waiting for months or years between new chapters.

  • SadPanda

    You just gave me a case of blue balls shay ;_;

  • Graff

    love this stuff.
    what ever happened to diary of a futa?

  • Shay

    Taeraresh – so it’s cruel of me to make you wait so long between DoaF chapters? haha

    SadPanda – mwa haha

    Graff – sheesh, it hasn’t been THAT long since a DoaF update; maybe you’re just spoiled from getting TWO last month ^_~

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