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The Best Friend (part 3)

Hellooooo dear reader,
welcome to the third installment of my irl friend’s fantabulous story, The Best Friend.

Before beginning this section I strongly recommend re-reading part 1 and part 2 [and if you are new to the story, I insist that you read the first two parts before continuing!].

We are getting close to the conclusion so hold onto your pants and read on!

She cuddles into me and we begin to spoon. She pulls my arm around her and holds on to it.

She purrs, “You’re a good friend.”

Just what I wanted…

And then she starts to drift off to sleep.

I on the other hand, lay there, unable to sleep, just thinking. Thinking about us, about, well, not just us. If it’s never going to happen with Ash, well, then I have to move on. I start thinking about other girls in my school. Maybe I should ask one of them to the dance. Kara is cute. Anne’s got a great ass. Oh and Ms. Porter has that naughty librarian thing going on. Ok well not so much but her jugs are huge. Mixed in all of this I’m still thinking about Ash. I mean how can I not?

Fuck! Why just friends? Why doesn’t she like me like that? Ash is cuter than Kara. Ash has a tighter ass than Anne. And so what if she doesn’t have the librarian thing going on, she’s more fun than any other girl I know. I can talk with Ash, I can have fun with her, I can relax with her.

She’s so cute and adorable the way she laughs. And she’s laying beside me in her PJs. She’s laying beside me, in only booty shorts and a t-shirt, my cock pressed… oh shit…

It starts to happen.

Oh fuck… ok, math… what’s 12 X 28?

10 X 28 is 280. Plus 2 X 28 which is 56, so 280 plus 56 gives me… 336… fuck! Too easy! 144 X 513!

I start running through equation after equation.

I start trying to think of dying grandparents and old pets. I think of war and death and dying and anything I possibly can. What do I have to do tomorrow? Saddest movie I’ve ever seen? What homework do I have?

Then images of big tittied teachers and bare naked coeds start popping into my head.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Bigger and bigger it grows. Usually not a problem, but I feel it digging into Ash’s ass already. And that thought makes matters thoroughly worse!

I try to pull back, lean my pelvis back as far as I can, but Ash stirs in her sleep as she feels my arm pulling away.

“No,” she murmurs, “cuddle.” She’s half asleep and doesn’t realize what’s going on. She pulls me back towards her and my dick goes fully erect, it slides out of the scantily buttoned fly on my boxers and right in between her legs, just under her ass.

Her legs tighten a bit, and I realize… I’ve just been trapped!

As I lay there, trapped in some strange sexual wrestling hold, I hear Ash begin to snore. She only does this when she’s really sleeping. And she’s such a heavy sleeper.
I contemplate waking her, but I really don’t know how I’d justify having my cock out and between her legs if I did.

“I just kind of tripped and slipped into your vag.”

I take deep calming breaths, trying my best to relax myself, and maybe deflate my little soldier enough to free him from his thigh-gated prison.

But I’m fighting a losing battle. For every unsexy thought I conjure up, the act of her gently squeezing my member between her naked thighs is enough to keep him fully erect and ready for action.

I wonder for a moment how far away I am from her pussy.

Ok, thoughts like that… NOT HELPING!

We’re cuddling so close I can smell her. My arm is wrapped around her. My dick is jammed between her legs. I couldn’t get away if I wanted to, and I can’t think of anything but sex.

It figures… horniest time of my life and I’m trapped next to the only girl who doesn’t want me in any way whatsoever.

“Maybe you should put it in her… that would wake her up!”


Why don’t useful thoughts ever pop into my head like that?

Try as I might… there is nothing I can do. All I can do is lay there. Dick in a trap, horny as hell. I lay there for hours with my eyes closed, trying my best to think of unsexy thoughts, at first, but eventually I just give up and let my mind wander to whatever perverse thought it wants.

I figured, I’d never fall asleep unless I calmed down, but I was wrong.

I end up falling asleep, thank god. But asleep, I dream of nothing but fucking. Fucking missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, wheel barrel, in the shower, on the floor, in the kitchen… I dream… about fucking.

I drift in and out of being half asleep and awake.

Like some strange mix of reality and fantasy. In the real world I’m physically with the girl I want, and in the dream world, well, I’m with a lot of girls.

At some point in the night we shift around and my member is freed.

But my dreams keep going.

In my dream we’re making out and she’s not wearing shorts or panties. I’m grabbing her bare-naked ass and she’s gripping my cock.

In my dream my little sergeant is making his way in past her thighs. In my dream she wants me, and I give it to her.

Around this time of dream induced fantasy fucking I drift into consciousness and realize that I’m rubbing my dick on something.

I open my eyes slightly, still in a daze. I’m laying on my back, Ash is cuddled into me, with her head resting on my chest, and her hand laying on my dick which I am vigorously pumping up and down.

“Holy shit!” I exclaim.

I stop moving immediately. I’m fully awake now. I look over to her.

“Ash?” I whisper.

She doesn’t respond.

“Ash?” I repeat.


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