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The Best Friend (part 2)

Hi there!
Were you hoping for the next part of my friend’s story – “The Best Friend” ?
Well I have good news, the second part is just below!
[Don't know what I'm talking about or just want to refresh your memory? The first part is HERE.]

The night I decided to act, was perhaps the most romantic type of evening one engages in during high school: a sleepover. Sleepovers weren’t too uncommon for Ash and I. I’d often spend the night at her place if we stayed up too late watching movies. And it certainly wasn’t uncommon for us to cuddle up in our pyjamas as the night went on.

This particular night, Ash and I were in her basement watching television. We were cuddled up together, my arm around her, her head on my shoulder, blanket over top of us. She was gently rubbing my chest with her hand. I was trying to keep the blankets angled properly to hide my slowly growing woody.

Same ol’ story. Boy meets girl. Girl cuddles with boy in short shorts. Girl gives boy raging hard-on which boy hides under blankets. Boy tries to fuck girl in parents’ basement.

Lounging on the sofa with her, it feels so right. She’s told me a thousand times how relaxing she finds our time together, how she could just fall asleep in my arms sometimes. And like a barometer reading the sexual tension in the air, my fully erect penis was telling me it was time to stop being a pussy and kiss this girl.

On TV we’re watching some lame, made for TV movie that I haven’t even been paying attention to. Instead, I’ve been working up my courage.

To work up courage the easiest thing a guy can do is literally turn off his brain. My head is running through a thousand scenarios of what will happen when I try to kiss her. She could be disgusted, enthralled, ecstatic, mortified, confused… the list goes on. In the worst scenarios, I’m physically assaulted before she throws me back out on the to the street, and in the best scenarios, well… a lot of the same physical acts are occurring, but in passion instead of anger.

I’ve practice what I’m going to say and do. I’ve thought it all through. All the signs are there, she’s got to like me. Just kiss her and the rest will take care of itself.

I know what to say, what to do, the time is right, perfect even… so stop postponing and just do it!

I take a deep breath, push out any thoughts I have, good or bad, because I know they’ll fuck me up, and I just stare at her for a moment until she finally looks back at me.

Ash looks at me with her soft brown eyes and smiles. “What loser?”

I smirk at her flirt. “You,” I say.

“Me?” she scoffs.

“Are you staring at me?” I smirk.

“Maybe,” she jokes.

“Well,” I say coyly. “You’re not allowed to look at me like that without kissing me.”

She laughs and pats my chest then turns back to the TV.

Heart’s beating faster. More blood to south, less to the brain. It’s okay, I don’t need it. Don’t think, just follow through.

“No,” I interrupt her. I reach my free hand over to her cheek and turn her face towards mine, “I’m serious.” I lean forward. Lips pursued, our eyes locked. Closer and closer to the first kiss.

And then… she laughs.

She kisses me on the cheek and turns back to the TV again.

“You’re such a kidder I love it,” she tells me, gaze fixed on the TV. “Could you imagine? Us?” She turns to me and laughs again. “I love that we’re so comfortable though that we can even joke about that.”

Just the response I was going for…

I laugh it off, “Yeah that would be crazy…” But on the inside, I’m not laughing. What… the… fuck? I run through the events that have just transpired quickly in my head. Wait, should I still make a move? What does she mean, ‘Can you imagine, us?’ Man… she liked me though, didn’t she?

In the midst of the confusion, my erection dies.

At least I can stand up again.

She laughs again and tickles me a bit. She starts talking about how we’re both so lucky to have such good friends. Then she retracts a bit and says she doesn’t want to get all mushy. She asks if I have a crush on anyone. I say no. I’m still not really paying attention. She acts surprised, and tells me that she doesn’t understand how I’m still single, how I haven’t met someone yet. I just shrug. I kind of hate her right now, but I’m pretending not to.

One of the unfortunate things about having great female friends is falling for them.

I spend the rest of the night stewing a bit in my own head, trying to figure out what, if anything, I can do. But the conclusion is simple: there’s nothing to be done. She doesn’t like me. She just wants to be my friend.

We talk a bit more, just about fluff, nothing in particular, then it’s time for bed. I brush my teeth and crawl in to the basement bed. She comes out after brushing her teeth and crawls into bed with me.

“I’ll sleep with you here tonight,” she tells me.

“Okay,” I reply on auto-pilot.

“Cuddle with me,” she says. “It’s cold.”


7 comments to The Best Friend (part 2)

  • Amazing, darling. Just amazing.

  • Shaun

    So far, so good. You’ve done a great job at capturing that crushing disappointment… *glumly recalls his high-school debacles*
    I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  • Evan

    I think I have found someone I can feel empathy for….

  • Anon

    You illustrate the scenario so well! I’ve been there a few painful times. Really brings me back… Yeah, to like two years ago. *dies*

  • BpN

    yup, I can relate…so far so good, keep it up!

  • Lurky McLurkerstein

    I love it. The narrating character seems like my hero when I read it. And I enjoyed it even though I looked through and didn’t spot a steamy sex scene. Good sign. :-)

  • artemis

    wow I wished I read that in high school…some of my guy friends must hate me…

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