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Toy Review – Luna Beads

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luna beads

My longtime readers know that I’ve had a bad experience with so-called “plasure balls” in the past, so it took some guts to try out another set.  Luckily the set my friends at VibeReview sent me are by Lelo, a company known for sleek and sexy products, so I was hopeful that these balls would be a whole lot more pleasurable to use.

As usual, Lelo has packaged this toy beautifully, in a gorgeous black box that you can use for storage (though they also include a while silk bag if you’re short on space in your toy drawer- like me).  The kit comes with two sets of balls that pop in and out of the girdle – one set is close to 30 grams and the other set is around 40 grams; the idea is that you can mix and match the weighted balls to build up your vaginal muscles (like doing kegels).

I included a pic of the Luna Beads in my hand at the top so that you can sorta get a frame of reference for their size (keep in mind I have small hands though); they have a 4.5 inch circumference and the ones in that pic are the 30g balls (the heavier ones are blue). This toy is also phthalate free.

What I liked: The Luna Beads were wonderfully easy to insert and were quite comfortable to wear – comfortable enough that you could most likely pop them in in the morning and wear them all day if you wanted to.  I thought it was really cool that you can switch out the balls to make the toy heavier as your muscles get stronger too, and it was fairly easy to make the switch.

What I didn’t like: The only thing I wasn’t too sure about with this toy is the movement of the weights – I could feel them moving inside me and it honestly made me feel a little queasy, but that’s just me.

This toy would be great for: anyone who wants to work on strengthening their vaginal muscles but isn’t sure how to get started or is ready to progress from boring old flexing.  It also makes a fun insertable to use when you masturbate; pop it in, work on external stimulation, and watch the fireworks as your muscles conract around the balls.

The Luna Beads aren’t a typical sex toy so it’s a little ticky rating them, but I think an 8 out of 10 is at least fair. :)8of10

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