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Diary of a Futa – Chapter 7

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When we left DoaF last time, our girls were spooning in bed after fucking themselves silly, only to be woken by a knock on the door – actually, maybe you should go back and re-read the last chapter for yourself.  Better yet, you should go back to Chapter Five or even Chapter Three (or all the way back Chapter One) to really set the scene and figure out what’s going on. Go on, read up and come back, we’ll wait. ^_^

Alright, you’re back, now let’s read on and find out who’s at the door – who did you guess? Will you be right? Only one way to find out!


My heart dropped, who was knocking on my door and why?  Had my roommate heard us and was she now freaking out? Did my boyfriend come over and think he’d caught me cheating?  Did this count as cheating? How long had I been asleep?!

I quickly slipped out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t shirt, carefully tucking my now  small and soft cock away from the fly -  how do guys live with these things getting in the way all the time?   I glanced at the bed and made sure that Laura was totally covered by a blanket and that nothing looked too… sticky.  Everything in order, I went to answer the door.

“Oh you ARE home, good, I was just about to try your cell.”  It was my roommate, Marny, she was still carrying her bag so obviously she had just arrived home  and most likely had not heard any passionate screaming or sounds of fucking coming from my room earlier. Whiew

“What’s up?”

“I ran into your lab partner on campus, Taylor says that you need to come into the lab and talk about your project right now.”

“Fuck, everything is always such an emergency with Taylor.  Alright, thanks for passing that on, I’d better get over there and see what’s up.”

“If Laura here too?”

“Yup, we were…. working on a project for that assessment class we’re taking and she…. uh… fell asleep.”

Marny laughed and learned forward to peer over my shoulder into my room, “I thought I recognised her shoes by the door.  Good, I wanted to ask for her help with my stats. “  She was leaning so far forward that our breasts were just touching,  I could smell her perfume and I felt my cock almost flutter a little in my pants.

“Well I’ll go check my e-mail and come bother her in a bit,” Marny said, leaning back away from me.  “Uh,” she said, glancing down at my body, ” you might want to put on a bra before you go…”  I followed her eyes, both my nipples were hard and obviously showing through the thin fabric of my t-shit, I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

Three hours later I was finally making my way home again.  It had taken a while, but Taylor and I had sorted everything out with our project and I was confident that we were going to get some good data.  I had also managed to keep my new pantular addition in check as well – maybe being confined in tight girl jeans had helped.

I wondered if Laura was still at my place (my cock started a swell a little), fucking her had felt SO good (I pressed my growing cock down, hoping it would have more room down the side of my leg) and I was feeling like going for another round.

Marny being home now did pose somewhat of a problem though, it’s not like I’d never had sex when she was home before, but I had the impression that Laura and I were a lot louder than usual this afternoon and I didn’t want  Marny asking questions.

I kicked off my shoes at the door and made my way down the hall, devising strategies for covering up our passionate screaming – would loud music even be better?

I stopped at my door.  I could distinctly hear giggling coming from my room.

WTF I thought, why were they giggling in my room?  Had Laura told her about my crotchular predicament?  Were they making fun of the cum soaked sheets filling my laundry basket?  Preparing for the worst, I pushed open my door.

If I were a cartoon character, I think my jaw might literally have hit the floor.

Marny and Laura weren’t giggling about my cock – they were giggling about the cum in Marny’s hair, the cum from Laura’s new cock!


Dun Dun Duuuuuuun!


futa squirt1

futa squirt2



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