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Toy Review – The Curve

If you visited a dildo garden, the Curve is the kind of thing you could expect to see hanging from the vibrant green vines covering the nearby trellises; it has a very organic shape to it.  I  had read quite a few other bloggers raving about the Curve, so I was happy to give it a try for VibeReview.

The whole thing is made of phthalates-free silicone, which means that it’s firm, but not hard, and a bit floppy.    It was also a little bigger than I expected (and it’s really fun to smack things with).  So, on to the review!

What I liked: I loved the material that the Curve is made out of – it’s got a great texture, it holds lube well, and I like that it’s phthalates free.  I also loved the look of it: the shape as well as the details on the flared head and on the shaft.

What I didn’t like: For me, personally, I found that the Curve didn’t fit me very well, so unfortunately, while I recognise that this is a quality toy, it just wasn’t right for my body.

This toy would be great for: anyone who likes bigger toys and is looking for an interesting dildo to add to their collection.

Curve, you were a nice toy, but we just didn’t fit together well.  Therefore my personal rating for you is just 3 out 10:

2 comments to Toy Review – The Curve

  • Rio

    It’s so disappointing to find a great looking toy only to find out it doesn’t fit you right (5″ circumference – ouch) Hooray for sex toy reviews – saving me time, saving me money and more importantly saving my sanity…

  • Old Bogus

    For that price, it should be offered in different sizes!

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