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Your *Caption* Is Too Big

Last Thursday I blew you away with my fantastic LolHentai
so this week I thought it might be fun to play another round of everyone’s favourite caption game!

Now, the last time we played you guys kinda… well, there’s no way to put this gently: you guys sucked. Of course there were still a couple of good captions:

Can’t you just give cabana boy tip like other hotel guests?!

so you do smoke after sex

and a fantastically obscure one: “Did you work on ‘Total Recal’?

but generally, the submissions were blah.

So I hope you can do better this time!

For those of you new to the game, here is how we play.

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while exploring the internets:
and then you TELL me what the character(s) might be thinking and/or saying.

(plz note that your captions don’t have to be lol-ed)

22 comments to Your *Caption* Is Too Big

  • Anonymous

    i likeyou make big sex in my tits, what no dick here? lol

  • Jimmy

    “the bunny ears are hot, but what’s with the 8-bit dildoes?”

  • GotMalkAvian

    *blond on right, singing* Here cums Peter Cottontail, sliding up your bunny trail…

  • Mr Gently

    This really IS an adult chess set

  • !

    -”…And I would like to thank our manager without who we wouldn’t wont this price.”
    -”for all the fans up there: THIS IS FOR YOU!!!”

  • Ducati_Guy

    Did you see the heels on that girl over there??

  • Miss Belle

    2 reasons for continuing to check for an Easter basket each year.

  • Anonymous

    Ooo! What does this button do?

  • Gadfly

    SEE! When you adjust nipple to that frequency, dildo get fuzzy!

  • Jack

    And if I turn this dial, we will be able to hear WDICK radio through these portable speakers

  • NDO

    “Thats 1-866-IDOL 3 for… oh my…”

    (Never make wishes when you’re horny and watching American Idol.)

  • Richard Nixon

    “Guess where I hid MY eggs this year?”

  • Kluena

    “See? I told you we wouldn’t need these, he’s got two of them!”

  • Anonymous

    Lefty: “What did you say? There’s a cheshire cat next to my rabbit hole?”

  • exile

    ever notice how they censor our sex toys, but not our nipples?

  • Cayman J

    Welcome to Mister’s Dongtastic Dildo Depot and 24hr Salad bar and Car Wash. Today’s special is an 8″ dildo, wash and wax, chef salad and this blue eyed beauty for only $24.95.

  • Anonymous

    Elmer Fudd gave up on Bugs to pursue a different kind of “wabbit season”.

  • Anonymous

    one on the right: wow internetal sex is more realalistic than ever but in this version of world of war craft i thought the bunny race could use magic
    one on the right: maybe the dildos are the wands and we could still use the magic of hormone over dose

  • Narcissu

    ¡¡¡1-8000-BUNNY!!!! buy 2 bunny ears now and you’ll get 2 extra BUNNY Girls for free!

    *dildos not included*

  • Anonymous

    Red eyes: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Blue eyes: Arby’s?

    (author: had to do it, sorry)

    Blue eyes: Considering that pixels are little squares, aren’t these going to hurt a bit?

    Red eyes: Who said they’re for us?

  • Anonymous

    Red eyes: I’m so hungrey I could eat her

    What happens when hugh leaves teh bunny ranch

    if horney men controled easter


    the wild bunny girl consits mostly on nipping at the others neck and blue sex toys


    Blu eyes: ok, so how does this help us sell caddurry cream easter eggs?


    for some reason these two held teh entire crowds attention at teh animal rights ralley


    they can hear sex a mile away with those ears

    hope some of those are funny

  • Anonymous

    Re: Total Recal [sic] I think it refers to the three-breasted hooker in the freak show/strip bar on Mars.

    Brought to you by the random brain “eectjcrw”.

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