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Loose Lips or Tight Ships?

While on my recent trip to the mountains, I noticed that the place where we were staying had a lot more full length mirrors than I’m used to, especially in the bathroom. As a result, I enjoyed many more full length views of myself as I showered and changed each day; which leads me to the questions I would like to pose to you, my dear readers, today.

Firstly, which do you find more appealing to look at: a vag with protruding inner labia or a vag with small inner labia?
Secondly, which do you prefer to play with of the above choices?
Thirdly, do you think your preferences have anything to do with your experiences and/or with what you actually have on your own body (for those of you who have a vag)?

Do your answers to the first two questions differ – do you think small inner labia are cuter, but find that lager labia are more fun to suck on (etc)? Or have you only ever had one kind and thus prefer the type that is more familiar? Or have you had no personal experience but still have preferences based on the porn that you’ve seen?
Do tell ^_~

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16 comments to Loose Lips or Tight Ships?

  • Xanthus

    I, honestly like either, so long as it’s clean and taken care of. The inner labia are very fun to tug on, lick, wiggle and play with, while the outer labia are more fun to caress and rub.

    I think, either protruding or hidden inner labia can be very sexy, provided, either way, that everything down there’s clean, well groomed and not a weird color.

  • Violetta

    I really like my outer lips. I would like to have them even a little bit larger. This is more for optical reasons…

    But, of course, really satisfied I am after rubbing my inner lips. To make it really successfully I need something in my ass, because the feeling is much more intensiv than.

  • SiSi

    i dont mind either way as far as im concerned either way i like the way it looks and like playing with it. But yes i think there may be a slight change in the feeling when a girl has slightly larger inner lip it rubs on your cock slightly more as you put it in and out.

  • Jon Galt

    I concur with the previous comments, I like them both ways, just so long as they’re clean in appearance.

  • Anonymous

    I like either, as long as they are attached to a nice and sexy person.

  • catastrophe girlfriend

    I think everyone’s vagina is beautiful and we should not base what’s ‘normal’ or ‘beautiful’ on porn or models.
    celebrate labia diversity!

  • Anonymous

    Indeed! As long as it’s clean down there, down there I’ll be.

    So Shay, what type are you?

  • Anonymous

    I’m a 40 yr old guy from New Jersey. I like them big and plump, not the girl the lips.
    I love the look of them protruding out while the woman is at rest..
    I love to play with those plump ones as well.

    I’ve had women with both, small innner and large plump ones..

  • Violetta

    @ catastrophe girlfriend

    I think you are right with the first part, but wrong with the second part of your opinion.

    “what’s ‘normal’ or ‘beautiful’ on porn or models.”

    Girls or woman with a profession in the adult industry have to look more after and to do more care with their “tools”.

    This could be a good example to do the same. Not only for your partner, even for yourself.

  • The Wandering Lover

    I love big puffy lips.

  • The Wandering Lover

    I don’t know why but I just think they look sexy.

  • Old Bogus

    Anonymous said:
    “I like them big and plump, not the girl the lips.”

    Unlike him, I like for both to be plump! Sucking a clit or labia is both fun and productive! Like sucking any responsive sex organ, to feel labia swell as you stimulate them is a turnon. And positive feedback that you’re doing it right!

  • Gadfly

    I only met one vadge that turned me off — and only because it stank.

    I was at an all nude joint and this one nicely built girl was dancing. And her labia minora had these two identical tiny little protruding bulbs on little stalks — like little sea-slug eyes about the size of peas. It was a touch bizarre, but hey — it was still an otherwise lovely pussy on a smoking hot chick.

    I told her she should get one of them tattooed red and the other one green so she could say “Merry Christmas, you’re getting laid”


  • <b>Who Are We?</b>

    Great question, Shay. I usually refer to these as “innies” and “outies.”

    When looking at or eating, I prefer the outies because it’s easier to access and not quite as musty as the innies can be.

    When penetrating, I prefer the innies because they add a level of depth. I often equate sex with innies with having sex with two pussies at once, especially if the labia is set way back.

  • Balloon Pirate

    I guess I haven’t really studied the labia as much as y’all have.

    For me, it’s all about the woman attached to the thing.


  • Sheen V

    Either way is also fine with me. As long as she’s willing and horny, it doesn’t really matter.

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