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There’s No *Caption* In Here!

Hey! You know what we should do today?
That’s right – play another round of Show and Tell!

Last time I gave you a fairly tough image and you guys still managed to come up with some great captions:

…Greviously insulted, she turned away to avoid lashing out at Veronica. Only after that did she relise her mistake, that her metal butt cheek was showing. “how did you get that” one of the girls asked, but she remained silent, hating to be reminded of the Dildo-Duct tape-treadmill incident.

For the last time, i will NOT take part in your stupid “Who can spread it the widest” contest!

(Dark Blue hair to light blue hair): Now, now Mizumi-chan, don’t glare at Alphy like that. It’s not *his* fault he found you while you were getting your clothes out of the lower cabinet. Dogs will be dogs. Besides, you really seemed to be enjoying yourself when we came in.

So I hope you can do just as well (or better) this time!

For those of you not familiar with this game, here is how we play:

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while exploring the internets:
and then you TELL me what the character(s) are thinking and/or saying.

aaaaaand GO!

20 comments to There’s No *Caption* In Here!

  • Jim

    With waves of pleasure still rippling through her body, Judy rushed upstairs to share with her sister the benefits of searching the house for hidden, not-yet-wrapped Christmas gifts.


  • Prospero

    Mom? Why did I find this kitchen device in your lingerie drawer?

  • Matt Murdock

    AH HA, maybe if I use this on jenny she will eat me out with some enthusiasm next time like miko does when we have our pornstar practice parties

  • Anonymous

    Megatokyo Guest Artist Week: Shay

    “Ah! THIS vibe matches the creepy pink lust fog!”

  • Anonymous

    Now if you will come right this way ma’am we can begin the massage sesion.

  • Anonymous

    first there was the ipod, then the iphone, now apple takes it to the next level: karaoke + dildo = ikaraldo…

  • Rae

    RoboCock to go!

  • Xaeno

    Yay, me got quoted! Oh, is there an chatroom/forum/Irc for The S spot?

    Sally: “Thank you so much! I needed a horn for my unicorn costume this halloween!”

    Her friend: “… You know what, Thats exactly what it is. I need to go find a bigger memory card for my camera.”

  • Violetta

    Why this long-handled blender with a round-shaped head is so small?

    I need a bigger one. This one,mmmh, I can use for my backdoor….

  • Joe


    “Is this thing on? Testing…testing…testing…1,2,3.”

  • Desire X

    Open up and say ‘Ahhhhh’.
    I’m here to take your temperature.



  • GotMalkAvian

    In spite of her friendly demeanor, the Cock Assassin was one of the most feared warriors in feudal Japan.

  • Anonymous

    “… and that’s how a Ninja meditates!”

  • Anonymous

    Now, after you’ve put in fresh batteries, turn on and insert, make sure to move gently but firmly.

    (She does look like she’s hosting a cooking show.)

  • Rudy

    Wow, I’m glad my Alphy comment made the final cut =D I created a blod I’ll never use, just so I don’t have to post anonymously anymore…

    Anyway, the caption:

    “As Professor Kuonji walked into the classroom, over-dressed as usual, we could only stare in shock… I’m not sure what I was expecting when she told us we’d be studying games & toys in the new millennium, but it certainly wasn’t this.”

  • Brad

    Professor Yumigo continued…Refined young ladies hold out the index finger while using sex toys….

  • Anonymous

    I just love my little Peter!

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    “Nice…now say hello to my little friend!”


  • pitbrg

    pounding it against her head (stupid stupid stupid I new it was “c” cells)

  • Anonymous

    hey mom I found these toy in your closet

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