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Why is That in My *Caption*!?!

It’s been forever since we last played a round of everyone’s favourite blog-game, SHOW AND TELL!

Last time you guys rocked really hard so it was difficult to pick only a few favourites to showcase:

I knew I should have listened when they said this dinner and show had a splash zone.

Unlike the now-famous “squirting flower” gag, ACME’s “bukkake salad” item never quite caught on…

i told him i wanted some special sauce… maybe i should have told him it was for my salad.

Now let’s see how you do with this round’s image. ^_^

For those of you not familiar with this game, here is how we play:

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while exploring the internets:
and then you TELL me what the character(s) are thinking and/or saying.

ready? set?
Do your best!

19 comments to Why is That in My *Caption*!?!

  • joshua

    you’re breaking the fourth wall!

  • A Nawty Mouz

    “Can I help it if guys are always looking at my … camel toe.”

  • Matt Murdock

    hmm, nobody asked me if I wanted to be eaten out in a lesbian orgy.

  • Anonymous

    What? You never seen a leprechan with an erection before?

  • Anonymous

    “How hard, exactly, do you like to be spanked?”

  • whoami929

    A moment too late, Kiko realized that not everyone wore a butt plug to gym class.

  • <b>Who Are We?</b>

    “You tattooed Tom, Dick AND Harry’s name on your ass?”

  • exile

    Everyone wondered why Jenny was such a bitch, until they saw she had athletes camel-toe

  • Rupert

    In the deafening silence that followed, an embarassed Ichio wished that she had not had that bean burrito for lunch…

  • Ang

    We never did understand why Alesha had to hold up her silicone breasts. After the surgery, she turned away from us. We sure miss the foursomes we used to have…

  • Joe

    I hate being a stripper…they’re all such bitches. My tits don’t sag…they’re just jealous because I pull in twice as much cash as they do withoug giving blowjobs in the VIP!

  • Xaeno

    …Greviously insulted, she turned away to avoid lashing out at Veronica. Only after that did she relise her mistake, that her metal butt cheek was showing. “how did you get that” one of the girls asked, but she remained silent, hating to be reminded of the Dildo-Duct tape-treadmill incident.

  • Sabaud

    they’re just jealous their boyfriends are too pussy to leave whip marks….

  • Gadfly

    “And that was the moment I told the other Powder Ranger Girls that I was going to stop dying my hair turquoise and stop shaving my pussy. You could have heard a pin drop”

  • Sweat Shop

    OMG Cindy, did you get butt implants?

  • Holden

    “For the last time, i will NOT take part in your stupid “Who can spread it the widest” contest!”


    “So what if i got a little too excited with the whirlpool bubbles?”


    “…and neither does my pussy need a checkthrough!”

  • Anonymous

    (Dark Blue hair to light blue hair): Now, now Mizumi-chan, don’t glare at Alphy like that. It’s not *his* fault he found you while you were getting your clothes out of the lower cabinet. Dogs will be dogs. Besides, you really seemed to be enjoying yourself when we came in.


  • Anonymous

    Y’all act like you’ve never seen a girl with a tail before. Hiss!

  • Maikeru

    “Fine, if you don’t like the fact that my breasts are larger than everyone else’s I’ll just take them elsewhere. There are other people who don’t mind the fact that they need more than one hand to hold my breasts during orgies.”

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