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Reader Question – Is Spit in a Vag Okay?

I’m a longtime reader who enjoys your column (especially the hentai ^_^ ) and I have a question I’d like to ask you. This comes from a lesbian porn movie I was watching about a year ago. Some of the girls playing with toys would spit all over the toy before using it. Is that really a good idea? It seems on the icky side to me.

I’m with you on excessive use of spit in porn, it does gross me out a little too; spitting all over toys, spitting into orifices, spitting out cum – blagh, I just don’t like how it looks!

But it’s actually pretty safe to use spit as a convenient (and free) lube. Saliva is mostly made of water, sure it does have some enzymes in it, but they are mostly just around to break down starch and fat; they won’t really affect the vagina. There’s mucous in spit but… there’s also mucous in a vag. Saliva does have some anti-bactierial properties, but not really enough to cause any serious problems in the vagina – there’s no evidence that oral sex/saliva can cause or worsen a yeast infection (unless the other person has a yeast infection in their mouth). Check THIS out, there’s even some painkillers in saliva – crazy!

The only way that saliva in a vagina is really bad is if the person with the spit has certain STIs (chlamydia, hepatitis, HPV, gonorrhea) or an active cold sore (herpes), there’s also a slight risk of contracting HIV from the spit of an infected person – so let’s hope the girls in the porn you were watching worked for a reputable studio.

5 comments to Reader Question – Is Spit in a Vag Okay?

  • Gadfly

    Well said. Oral normal flora either live happily in the vage as vage normal flora, or they don’t do so well in the differing pH, ionic concentration, and etc.

    Plus, I want to spank your bare bottom. I mean, if you’re not married yet ;-)

    (Non sequitur

    Function: noun
    Etymology: Latin: it does not follow
    1 : an inference that does not follow from the premises; specifically : a fallacy resulting from a simple conversion of a universal affirmative proposition or from the transposition of a condition and its consequent
    2 : a statement (as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said)

  • Eve in Chains

    I was told by a friend recently that apparantly spit and things on the gooey side are in vogue just now. The gooier the better, he thought.



  • Shay

    Gad – My bare bottom! Oh dear! That’s quite the non sequitur (hehe google doesn’t recognize that as a word!)

    Eve – really? eugh. I do kinda like how spit feels, but I can’t stand how it looks – makes me want to gag! However, I’ve been with guys who think it’s sooo sexy and want me to spit all over their dick. O.O I was thinking that it might just be me, until now.

  • Rex Venom

    You are awesome! Great stuff.
    Rock on!

  • Maikeru

    Personally I think the spit thing is a bit odd as well. I mean I understand being slickened with saliva from certain activities, but spitting on someone is a shade odd to me to say the least.

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