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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

6 comments to Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

  • Prospero

    Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go… OK, I like Grandma. But I’ll go wherever there’s pie. Oh, and a green-eyed naked girl wearing glasses who wants to share. Happy T-Day, you crazy Canucks!

  • Sonimon

    God I love Canada. I get to meet up with all of my estranged relatives so much earlier than if I lived in the US. By the way: Am I being sarcastic? Really, I can’t tell.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shay.

    Always loving,


  • Jan & Zan

    Does anyone have a room for rent in Canada? I think we would like to move.

  • exile

    pumpkin pie is an aphrodisiac

  • Anonymous

    I don’t suppose we could have the original of that image? You know, just for comparison . . .

  • Shay

    Pros – hahah thanks!

    Son – ? Thanks!

    J&Z – haha you don’t want to move here, it’s too cold!

    exile – oh really? I usually just makes me sleepy…

    Anon – what? you mean you don’t believe that the girl up there is actually enjoying a nice slice of pumpkin pie? ^_~

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