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A is for August and Arousal and Anal

Heck, do you even need such a good excuse for you to pick up a new toy for your bum and/or to check out some of the fine ass-related reading material available here at The S Spot? I didn’t think so!

pssst – Also, now is as good a time as any to have your annual rectal exam

9 comments to A is for August and Arousal and Anal

  • Anonymous

    Please please be very very careful about anal… If there is any pain, just don’t do it. If your partner has Endometriosis pain experience in the pelvic area, you just don’t want to try that kind of sex…

  • Loving Annie

    Good Saturday morning Shay !
    I wish there were more erotica short story novels published JUST about anal sex between couples…
    Violet Blue has one, but I want MORE. Done right, it is such a turn on !

  • Chris

    Heya Shay,

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this month. I dunno why, but reading about anal play is a big turn-on to me and I’d like to read whatever you come up with for solo guys.

    …now if only we could have you demonstrate on us too. ~_^

  • Gadfly

    I would prefer that some sexy sex blogger perform my anal exam :o)

    Wow… was that creepy, or what? *chuckle*

  • exile

    august slogan:

    “August Is Anal Appreciation Month, So Loosen up!”

  • Strumpet

    I just have to say, Mr. Exile…

    …that is TOO fucking great.

    Way too fucking great for its own good.

    I’ma be sayin’ that all month long.

    Loosen up and lube it up.

    Happy Anal August y’all.


  • Cherrie

    Oh, my anus is twitching, Shay! Or maybe I should strap one on and see if Hardin’s or Ron’s is too . . .

  • Shay

    Dan – Yeah I saw those fake retro adverts, awesome. ^_^

    Anon1 – if there is pain stop and add more lube ^_^

    Annie – hmmmm maybe you should write some, I know you love to write erotica.

    Chris – haha I think I might have covered as much as I can cover for single guys – check that link I posted, it’s a link to all the anal stuff I’ve ever written ^_^ But let me know if you have any specific ideas or questions for me.

    Gad – *giggle* let’s pretend it wasn’t, even if it could have been.

    Exile – I LOVE it!

    Strumpet – hehe you’re awesome as always.

    Cherrie – hehe you are one spicy little cookie cher!

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