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Anti-Porn AC Versus Pro-Porn Shay

One of my colleagues at the paper that I write for recently wrote a very negative piece on pornography. She talked about how watching porn gives young women eating disorders (because she seems to be under the impression that porn stars have “perfect” bodies) and spent much of her article quoting “experts” who think [...]

Film Friday 80 – Pre-Canada Day Flag Wiggling

In case you hadn’t been able to tell by the extra “u”s in my words and if the little button in my right side bar wasn’t enough to give it away – your Shay is a Canadian girl.

And, in honour of this being the last Friday before Canada Day,I now present to you a ridiculous [...]

Product Review – Emerita Natural Lube

When I first spotted the Emerita lube in the package Babeland had sent me, my first thought was “great. Lube. I don’t need new lube, I’m doing fine with my bottle of KY. Am I even going to notice a difference?” I didn’t even bother reading the packaging, I just put it [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 68

Today’s CBW pic comes from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous:
(click image to wax him)“I just discovered your site just this afternoon and I’ve been thinking how I could get something to you before todays end. These are insanely fresh. Over the weekend I was waxed and I can’t tell you how aroused I [...]

Attention Parents…


This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

sex (37x)
porn (13x)
cum (8x)
sexy (4x)
pain (2x)
dick (1x)

Haha! I didn’t know “pain” was a dirty word!But that list seems kinda short – clearly I need to amp up the amount (and frequency) of dirty words in my blog!

What do you think? [...]

Reader Question – Porn for Her

“My Girlfriend led me to your Blog. I have a question about Porn. I do enjoy watching it every once in a while. My girlfriend has never seen an adult movie and has shown some curiosity. However, the home she grew up in was very conservative and uptight. She says that the guilt after watching [...]

Film Friday 79 – Being on the Bottom is Overrated

Weird!The exact same thing happened to me just the other day!Thank goodness I always keep a dild-saber handy^_~

Eat All Your Veggies and See What Happens!

What would you do if you were a giantess?
You’d face all kinds of interesting problems – besides finding panties big enough.

How would you get off?

Would you still treat your fella to oral?what about sex with him?or would you try to find yourself something more… substantial?

Something weird…

Has anyone ever loaded my site and had a full page ad load instead with a “skip this ad” button?

I just tried to load my blog and suddenly it switched to an advert!I have no idea why it happened, I don’t think I clicked anything…It wasn’t an ad that I was aware of having loaded [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 67

This reader demonstrates what happens when you spend too much time reading The S Spot when you’re at work:
(click image to apply a staple remover)