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Look No S! HNT

In case you were wondering, the Shay has blue eyes.

Actually, they’re “aqua”

Funny story, I was at my optometrist’s, trying out contact lenses a few years ago and was thinking about getting coloured contacts.
Nothing crazy, I thought to myself, maybe just an interesting shade of blue. So I picked out a set of contacts called “aqua”and made a mental note to mention them to my optometrist. Then, when I was trying on the regular set of contacts that he had brought me, I looked at my own eye colour and realized that they were already the same colour at the coloured lenses that I had picked out!
Long story short, my eyes are the colour “aqua” and I never bothered to get coloured contacts.
Okay I guess that story wasn’t that funny.

How about this? My eyes appear change colour slightly depending on what I’m wearing and sometimes depending on the weather!

Still boring? All right, move along then.

19 comments to Look No S! HNT

  • Anonymous

    wow, do yours turn bright green like mine?? Your eyes are all smiley just like I have always pictured!!!

    Look MA!! NO S!!!

    When do we get to vote on an avatar??



  • Gadfly

    I wonder if those eyes would be a little more green if they were looking up at me from about hip high …


    Happy Thanksgiving (belated of course, Canadian Thanksgiving being long past, but I had to needle you for using all those extra “u”s in your words ;-)

  • loz

    nah, eyes are *never* boring!

    my own eyes turn green when I’m horny… they’re blue, otherwise.

    happy hnt! x

  • Anonymous

    beautiful eyes…

  • Suze

    Shay, you have stunning eyes no need to add colour to perfection.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  • Anonymous

    Happy turkey day sweet baby!

  • padme

    You have beautiful eyes, Shay. A lovely color. :)
    Happy HNT Shay…

  • Anonymous

    oh…now thats pretty special! sexy eyes shay ;)

  • js

    pretty eyes
    mine are blue and also change depending on something
    sometimes nearly grey and sometimes bright blue

  • Dan

    At first glance I thought, “wow heterochromia!” (which by the way, is the coolest non-life threatening, human-gene mutation). Upon closer inspection, it looks like red-eye glare. And freckles! You’re a bonny lass, there Shay.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Very purdy eyes, Shay. Kiss!

  • exile

    oh the things those eyes have seen…

    such naughty things…


  • DZER

    not boring at all … nice to finally get a peek at them peepers :)

  • JUnderCovers

    Purty peepers!

  • RobOnt

    OK so we’ve seen the eyes, how about the rest of you ;-)

  • Anonymous

    so beautiful, my dear. thanks for letting me see them.

  • Pornster

    What? You didn’t know your own eye color?

    I think that’s a little weird. :D

  • ExplorEros

    Beautiful blues, sexy ;)

  • Maikeru

    Mine are kind of boring. However, mine are such a shade of dark brown that they’re often dark enough to look like older style pupil-less anime eyes (a’la Astroboy). If the day is clear and the lighting bright enough they’ll actually appear somewhat brown. Of course if the day is that clear and the lighting that bright I’ll probably be wearing dark glasses.

    One of my friends has a younger sister who bought a pair of non-prescription blue ones to lend a bit of strangeness (she has tan skin and is filipina) to her gothic lolita costume that she wears to conventions.

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