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Cockblogging Wednesday 46

Today we have a cock au natural – he’s un-cut and un-trimed:
I hope to have my dick put up on ur website. Love ur blog… keep it up

So he’s up, what do you think?

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7 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 46

  • badinfluencegirl

    i love cocks and i don’t mind hairy cocks but with hair that straight i might trim it.

    that said? i wouldn’t kick it out of bed! [no ball licking though...]

  • Anonymous

    He’s UP all right! lol

  • Anonymous

    You know, some people find uncut cocks less attractive, but I think that’s just silly :) I don’t have a preferance either way as long as the male in question knows what to do with it :P

    The pubic hair on the other hand, would be in issue for me :P I like to trimmed back so it doesn’t get in the way of a blowjob.

    Nice pic at any rate :D

  • Anonymous

    yes maybe trim the hair back a bit, but I can move it with my hands. It seems to curve downwards, so it might just slide nicely down my throat….

  • Beth

    it looks long and thick. After a trim I’d like to sit on it.

  • Anonymous

    id like him up me !

  • gabe

    oh my… i think hairy is sexy…wouldn’t mind to have a ride

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