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Check Out My Big *Caption*

Put on your thinking caps!
It’s time for another super fun round of Show and Tell!

The last time we played I got some pretty funny captions, here are some of my favourites:

Why in the hell do we have to look for his contact naked?

Brunette: Hey, you wanna grab a beer afterwards? Redhead: Okay. This has got to be the worst dentist I’ve ever been to! Brunette: It’s our HMO. What can we do, huh? Redhead: Add a shot of tequila and I’m yours. Brunette: Deal!

Brunette Saying: sorry, I couldn’t hold that one in any longer. Redhead thinking: I told her not to eat so much beans! Dude thinking: DAMN, right in the FACE… Again!!!

“”You completely suck at strip poker. Not only did you lose our clothes, but you went double-or-nothing with our dignity…I hate you

And now, for your creative pleasure, I have a fun new picture!
In case you are new to this game, here is how it works:

I SHOW you a picture:

and you TELL me what these characters are thinking and/or saying.

18 comments to Check Out My Big *Caption*

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    Girl with bottle:
    I’m telling you, this is the best way to get rid of the sting associated with a sunburn.
    But I don’t have a sunburn!
    Girl behind her:
    That’s what they all say…

  • tbinnd

    Girl with wine in slurred voice “lets see how much your tits can hold”
    Girl in yellow shirt “AH! Red wine that going to stain”
    Girl in the pink shirt is thinking I’m enjoying this way too much, I wonder if I’m Lezbo?

  • tbinnd

    Girl in pink is thinking I wonder if I should go to this cup size
    Girl with wine in slurred voice “that’s not my cup”
    Girl in yellow “What the fuck are you two doing!”

  • tbinnd

    girl with wine in slurred voice “Lets see how much your tits can hold”
    girl in yellow “AH, I’m geting all wet!
    girl in pink is thinking funny, so are my panties.

  • ~A-Lo~

    Girl with bottle: It’s all about measuring portions dear…this is how you can tell how much is enough for you.

    Girl in pink: *thinking* I wonder if they’re real

    Girl in yellow: Can’t we just use plate sizes to judge?

  • Cayman J

    Yellow shirt: WTF!! What are you two doing?!

    Black shirt: WOW! You’re right! C cups can hold half a bottle of wine when you push them together.

    Pink shirt: *thinking* Bitch better pay me my money. wow these are nice.

  • S.C.

    In this situation, where you’re dying for some wine but the only available glass is full of water, you’ve got to ask yourself: “What would MacGuyver do?”

  • ross

    “They say that more than a mouthful is too much.”

  • ArtfulDodger

    “Stop complaining, you’re the one that ate a mouth full of wasabi!” “And this’ll help?” “I dunno, but you’re not thinking about your mouth being on fire anymore are you?”

  • ArtfulDodger

    Pink shirt: “Keep pouring, they’re almost full.”

  • TJ

    Tiffany’s eyes were wide with embarrassment as she realized too late the terrible mistake she had made by inviting Carla along to the “Sushi and Singles Night” dating event.

    Her scarlet cheeks burned with shame knowing that she had no chance of meeting a nice guy that evening, now that everyone in the bar could see that she was drinking red wine with fish…

  • Anonymous

    girl holding saki bottle: “i’m going to stick my tongue between her breasts, and the tease her nipples with the sweet taste of wine.”

    girl behind: “i’m getting wet just holding her firm breasts.” takes her hand off of right breast, and enters it into herself.

  • Spitfire

    Chick being pured on: “I don’t have to put my tits on the hibachi grill to warm this saki up before you two drink do I?????”

  • Spitfire

    FYI, my word verification for that was actuall BIMBO. NO SHIT.

  • fullynaked

    The gardener said this fertilizer was guaranteed to make it grow!

  • ejac

    “But I wanted low sodium.”

  • Anonymous

    Black Shirt says: “Now walk over to that cute boy and offer him this drink!”


    With her best friends drunk and molesting her, her favorite shirt about to be stained, and the humiliation of being in a restaurant full of people during all this, Judy could only think of one thing with horror: she forgot to tape House.

  • Maikeru

    “When you guys told me that you invented a new type of body shot and I asked to be shown personally I didn’t mean to be shown this personally.”

    It’s long over, but I figure to post a response just for fun.

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