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Film Fridays 42 – A Rip Off

Although my little corner of the world as already settled into Fall weather (*sob*)
that doesn’t mean I can’t still feature beach videos!

Here we have another edition of a program I’ve shown before; where this UK host walks along the beach and gets people to do crazy things for 200 pounds (that’s $425.87 CAD).
Last time we saw her get a man to identify his girlfriend blindfolded – by groping random women’s breasts until he recognized hers.
Today we will see… well, see for yourself!

That looks way easier than I would have thought!
Maybe we should have a blogger clothes-rip-off showdown, to see which one of us is the fastest!
What do you think?

[As always more Film Friday Fun can be found HERE]

7 comments to Film Fridays 42 – A Rip Off

  • castandtoes

    Shay – Love your blog. Its a great read! Feel free to visit mine as well.

  • frhe sjgg

    Hmmmmm. Won’t be trying that with my 7 jeans anytime soon ! Candy panties, maybe !
    Have a good weekend, Shay !
    Anne Elizabeth

  • ~A-Lo~

    Wow that does look easy, but it’s super hard!
    I think people would love to see a blogger clothes-rip-off showdown if you were one of the contestants;)

    What a waste of clothes though…who comes up with that stuff…for nearly 500 bucks I think she should have ripped off her bottom too :p

    ps- the last one where the guy had to feel boobies was better lol

  • ~A-Lo~

    SHAY…check out today’s entry on my blog…the picture is so something you’d use lol, I thought of you when I got it lol

  • Anonymous

    Shay, your the best!!! We should all be this free and open!

    I think I’ll go nude in the hot tub tonight.

  • Shay

    castandtoes – thanks!

    AE – I was trying to think of clothes that I could rip up like that and I only came up with one top that I could rip easily and wouldn’t miss too too much. haha

    Alo – haha I thought the clothes rip off was kinda cool. It was neat because at least the first girl didn’t seem to have easy tear away stuff. I’m sure the 200pounds was worth it though.

  • exile

    now why can’t i find a girl like them

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