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Teeny Tiny Plus Big ‘n Hard = Hot

[I got this post ready before I went on holidays - I'm so clever ^_~]

Last week in a comment from an anonymous reader I was asked “Is there a particular fetish for tiny faeries and cocks?
I’m going to assume that this wasn’t a completely random question but was in reference to a picture that I used a few weeks ago for a Sugasm post.

In answer to this reader’s question, Yes some people do have a thing for fairy fetish images.
Though not as prevalent as other hentai themes (like tentacle sex), it’s not unheard of for little tiny fairies to be paired with big human sized cocks.
And this really would be the ultimate way to make a man look huge – when his lover has to wrap her whole body around his penis to rub it.

Check out these examples from my collection:

As you can see, fairies are clearly drawn to the scent of a man’s cock.

Here a little fairy enjoys a tasty treat

In case you were wondering how to pleasure your little companion:

The above probably works better than this:

And finally, fairy fucking is by no means for men only!

[N.B. A number of the images that I have used here are from bondage faeries pannels, though as a rule the faeries in these stories are usually not paired with humans.]

Can’t get enough? Check out my hot faerie mini gallery for more!

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14 comments to Teeny Tiny Plus Big ‘n Hard = Hot

  • Spitfire

    clever girl… ;-)

  • DZER

    you sly and clever chika … hope you’re enjoying your vacation :)

  • Alex

    I always find the bondage faeries deliciously naughty in an innocent/utterly pervy sort of way.

    Hope the Caribbean’s not as wet as it is here at the moment, OK, OK insert your own punch line ;)

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Aw, now I want my own little fairy!

  • Backdoor Slider

    tell me about it, now I want some little fairies ;)

  • Dirty Debbie

    Cool…I never saw anything like this.
    I’d like some pussy faeries.

    My mom is into all those faery books out there, but I bet she’s never seen anything like this…lol

  • Happy

    Nice and very sexy collection, I bet you have a few more to share!

  • single gal

    teehee – Shay – they’re just so cute!

  • Anonymous

    and imagine , i just thought they were mosquitoes .

  • Anonymous

    Where’d the last picture come from? I don’t think that’s from Bondage Faeries…

  • Shay

    Spitfire – *blush*

    Dzer – I am!

    Alex – Me too! And haha it’s only wet when I’m in the ocean (or sweating). ^_~

    AAG – Yeah! It could live in your garden and everything!

    BackDoor – hehe I bet you do!

    Debbie – haha I wonder how she would react if you slipped a bondage fairy comic into her collection!

    Happy – thanks!

    Single – tee hee ^_^ thanks!

    Anon1 – Oop! Better put away the repellant!

    Anon2 – Nope it’s not and neither is that other colour one in the middle.

  • Tara Tainton

    Wow! I never found “cartoons” so erotic before… that fairy sliding her crotch down that shaft makes me…well, think of exactly how that would feel!



  • Anonymous

    I never would have thought of this, But now I can’t seem to get it off my mind,

  • Keith

    Give a fairy a hand

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