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Happy Canada Day

If you couldn’t guess from the posts below – The S Spot is a “proudly made in Canada” blog.
So today I am wearing my country’s colours and enjoying the freedoms granted to me since our country politely achieved nation status in 1867.
(By the way, did you know that in Ontario, the province in which I currently reside, women are legally permitted to go topless in public? Here all breasts are considered equal in the eyes of the law. ^_~)

When I was living abroad (in the Caribbean) for a number of years, people always seemed to be able to tell I was Canadian (or they guessed I was British). So clearly there must be something about us that makes Canadians so recognizable when we’re out in the world (besides the flag stitched on our backpacks hehe).

Oh! And I have one more video to keep you entertained today:


(I have tried maple syrup and it is sweet but WAY too sticky!)

Have a great day,
I’m off to get some sun and exercise certain rights mentioned above ^_~.
And tonight I’ll be setting off my own fireworks display.

12 comments to Happy Canada Day

  • 20-Questions

    Happy Canada Day!!!

    I’m quickly becoming a big fan of your blog, I find it really interesting, and funny. And to top it off completely Canadian which is the best part. ;)

  • :P fuzzbox

    Have a Happy Canada Day!

  • Richard Lovel

    >>So clearly there must be something about us that makes Canadians so recognizable

    I’d guess it’s the dipthong “ou”, eh?

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    Happy Canada Day!!!
    I love your blog.

  • single gal

    i love douglas coupland – thanks for the vid clip.
    happy canada day from the we(s)t coast!

  • cwang

    Happy Canada Day… and oh that movie? souvenir of canada rocks socks!

  • rupert

    Dear Shay,

    I have an important matter over at rated rupert I was hoping for advice on.


  • Anonymous

    What do you mean 1879? Canada was born in 1867!

  • figleaf

    Hmm. Doesn’t it look like the woman with the flag is probably standing on a hotel balcony or rooftop somewhere along the Belleville side of the harbor (ok, harbour) in Victoria and looking across to the new developments over on the, um, Esquimault Rd. side?

    Happy Canada Day, Shay.


  • padme

    Happy belated canada day…setting off your own fireworks sounds very cool…

  • Shay

    20 – aww thanks ^_^

    Fuzz – thanks!

    Richard – Perhaps, but we’re not ALL from the Maritimes! (watch the first video from this week’s film friday again please)

    M_D – aww thanks sweety!

    SingleGal – Happy Canada Day to you too!

    Cwang! – Long time no “see”! Happy Canada Day!

    Rups – I hope my input helped.

    Anon – I thought that number seemed wrong. Double checked and fixed! Thanks!

    Figs – Hmm I haven’t been to Victoria in a while, so I couldn’t say for sure… But wow you have a good eye/memory!

    Padme – It was very cool, but I didn’t really get any pictures :( *hugs*

  • Maikeru

    Well there’s a certain Britishness to Canadians. It’s probably due to some residual British culture left over from being a Commonwealth Nation. Spellings, certain pronunciations, and a different style sensibility. Though if you’ll pardon my ignorance I can understand the humour of “Monty Python” and other rather British television shows—as well asvarious bits of British absurdidst humour literature—more than I can understand the humour “Kids in the Hall” (then again most U.S. style absurdist humour is beyond me). I do however understand the humour in Canadian music.

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