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Insert *Caption* Here

Every so often in my travels around the internet, I come across a picture where the characters have such interesting expressions that it seems like something else is going on – as if they are lacking a thought bubble saying something like “you expect that to fit in my ass?!” or “how many tentacles did you say you had?!”

I offer one of these images to you now sweet reader – tell me what you think these characters are really thinking/saying. ^_^

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24 comments to Insert *Caption* Here

  • Mankind

    Ahhhhh! The Boobie Snatcher!!


    Ahhh! The Lesbian Vampire!!

    A little weak I know, but it was the first thing to come to mind.

  • DZER

    “What do you mean these aren’t regulation floating devices?”

  • Mankind

    A good one from Mrs. Mankind.

    I’m sorry ma’am, but I’ll have to check those for explosives before boarding.

  • Scottage

    Did it pop? I swear I heard a pop!

  • ArtfulDodger

    “Hunh, none of us have nipples!”


    “My God woman, your boobs are smaller than your eyes!!”

    This is fun!

  • Anonymous

    Blue Hair: What is she doing?!
    Brown Hair: Aw geez! Not again! You’re scaring all my friends away!
    Pink Hair: (to brown hair)Oh calm down you sissy… (to blue hair) You’ll get your turn too don’t worry…

  • Stiletto Girl

    “This is what a mamogram feels like”

    or maybe she’s trying to squash a bug between them ;)

  • sicilia_vita

    “Quick, give me your shirt. Maybe if I cover up, she’ll go back under water. She didn’t finish up down there.”

    (Whew, this was a tough one. I’d love to know it’s intended context.)

  • horny guy

    they’re fake! see? if I squeeze hard enough, they’ll stay like that.

  • Lou


  • Jon

    “You said you could hold your breath for 5 minutes… get back down there!!!”


    “I told you if I pinch the nipple just right it squeeks like a leaky balloon”

  • Shay

    You guys are hilarious!!! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Pink Hair: Offical Breast Inspector. I need to check to see if these are regulation.
    Brown Hair:AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Your hands are COLD!!
    Blue Hair: *murmuring* Damn! I knew I should have opted for the upgrade when I got these.

  • Suck Me

    WTF?!?! So who forgot the strap-on again?!

  • Romantic Perv

    You bring them in tight like this as he slides between them.

  • Anonymous

    Pink Hair: Tune in Tokyo… Tune in Tokyo.

    Brown Hair: Hey, what the..?!

    Purple Hair: *gasp* Oh my God!!

  • Aragorn

    Great picture, hilarious lines ! I’d say, “get off mine, practice on your own” … Lovely post dear !

  • Leesa

    Funny lines.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Pink: Hey Blue-Hair, get off! Those are MY nipple-less titties!

  • ArtfulDodger

    Ha! These are all good. Had a new thought today.

    Pink hair:”Whatever it is we’re swimming in is coming from these!”

    Brown hair: “What?!”

    Purple: “You mean it isn’t water?”

    Pink: “Sister, water is blue where I come from!”

    Brown: “You don’t think… do you?!”

    Pink: “I’m afraid so… your milk has gone bad!”

  • single gal

    brace yourself sista, i’m going in.


    – It’s a PIMPLE!

  • one

    Eeeeek, a lesbian!

  • Deightine

    “Goodness, I don’t think we’ll find the soap under there…”

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