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"Show Me Your Moves"

I found myself with some spare time today, so I decided to play me a little Super Smash Bros Melee.
I usually play with Pikachu (yes I know, I’m such a girl) but I felt like trying some new players today and was SHOCKED at how sexual things can get when you pair a female character with Bowser. I always suspected that he was a sex fiend!

I tried pouncing on Zelda first – that’s no trick of the camera, her skirt is off! (Zelda’s arms kinda remind me of when I used to make my Barbies have sex)

Bowser comes down hard – poor guy, he wants to be gentle, but it’s hard when you’re a few hundred pounds heavier than your girl. At least he doesn’t need to worry about Link walking in on them.

Bowser is quite the ladies’ man! Here he is, flipping up her skirt so he can get deep inside that Peachy goodness.

Oop, looks like she forgot to take off her panties! What would Mario say!? [heh "Slot B: Empty" - not for long!]

Even Sheik isn’t safe from a healthy dose of Bowser love!

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9 comments to "Show Me Your Moves"

  • DZER

    I like that you like it bowser-style … heh

  • Strumpet

    I haven’t a clue about this game.

    But, I often come here and am inspired to write about things…

    And for that…I thank you.

    My Barbie’s would have sex too.

  • :P fuzzbox

    So was it beauty that killed the beast. Or did the beast end up on top?

  • Cayman J

    Now why do you think that I used to love playing that game (especially drunk) but of course Peach likes it rough, why do you think she had two plumbers fighting over her. ;)

  • Wino & Wife

    What can I say, but that game is the favorite of my kids and now I know why. Maybe I better check it out.


  • good girl

    :-) That’s great! We found a similar naughty undercurrent in our Lego Star Wars video game. We’ve had fun making Anakin spank Padme with his lightsaber, and just last night, we discovered what a horny little devil R2D2 is!

  • Julie

    I have to pass this along to my finace…sex and video games? you may have just become his dream girl!

  • Maikeru

    Glad to see that guys aren’t the only ones who think up these things!

    Then again my previous girlfriend used to mess around in Soul Calibur 2. She’d have Yoshimitsu go into his flea/pogo stance on his sword and then run in back of him with Link (yes he’s the guest character on the GameCube version) and fire a charged arrow at Yoshimitsu’s posterior.

    Then there are characters from games who sort of do these things on their own. Kasumi from Dead or Alive has a very, erm, interesting move. It will remind you of Xenia Onatopp’s signature method of killing in the movie Goldeneye, but potentially more risque.

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