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Welcome Back to CockBlogging!

The lovely Scott has been waiting very very patiently (since December) for his turn to appear on my blog.
He took this picture a while ago to cheer up a friend – I’m sure it worked!

“I discovered sex blogs a couple of months ago and have spent a lot of time just clicking links. A week or so ago, I was at sugarbank to see if there was a new podcast and clicked on a handful of the “bloggasms”. One of those was yours, and I liked your style, so I added it to my favorites. You’ve got a great, sexy site. “

Well thanks Scott! I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself while waiting for your debut ^_~

Is your cock sad because you sent me a picture but I didn’t post it this week? Not to worry! It will be posted soon (VERY soon, I only have two more waiting, so PLEASE send me your pictures!!).

Is your cock feeling jealous and eager for some time in the spotlight? Send a picture to me( [email protected] ) and he will get his turn.

And ladies, I would be happy to alternate between cockblogging and cuntblogging if I were to receive anymore pictures from my female readers/fellow bloggers. ^_~

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