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HNT and Trivia Answers

Mikey Mongol says that sexy is where you find it and that “Ski bunnies = hot” – by the way, you can blame him for the lack of flesh in my HNT this week ^_~. Well, I suppose I’m partly to blame too, I don’t like getting cold when I’m outside.

Not very nekkid, but look! No cut off head!


As my title promised, here are the answers to my little Trivia Challenge
(Congrats again to Aragorn, be sure watch his blog for the sexy button I’ve made him)

1. Why did I stop writing for the Ontarion?

This one is a tough one, and I could not find a clear answer, even after turning your complete blog inside out, not once, maybe 10 times … ;-) (Ok, true, I had better things to do but thought you (I) deserved it … )
Yes, this was a very tricky question. The key thing to know for the answer is that The Ontarion is a university newspaper – then the answer is clear (sorta). I stopped writing for them because I graduated from that university. (But if someone knows of a magazine or paper that needs a writer, you know how to reach me ^_~)

2. What company got me blogging again over the summer?
Clearly Lovedreamer

3. What was the first toy guide that I published?
Depending on what you mean by “guide” !

You could call your first review of the dildo (Sept 2004) a “guide” … in a sense.

However, the first guide in the sense of giving advice on the use and buy of a toy, is arguably the “Need a Helping Hand?” (Oct 19, 2004).

(The Answer is “Need a Helping Hand” – Aragorn is so thorough!)

4. What was the first toy review that I published?

Your review on the history of the dildo (“History of the Dildo”, Sept 2004) is sort of a “toy review”. However, you don’t mention that you tested the product yourself and don’t speak about “experience”.

So you first real toy review is probably that on the massager “Product Test #1″ (Oct 13, 2005)

(Product Test #1 is correct)

5. What does S.H.A.Y. stand for?

Seductress Hungering for Arousing Yeses

6. Where did I say I used to live?

The Caribbean (Dec 18, 2005)

7. What was my first reader question? (*hint – the ones from Sept ’04 ’till Aug ’05 don’t count*)

Ok, well, the very first one obviously is the one about having orgasms when drunk (Oct 26, 2004), and these “old day questions” were certainly fun to read. However, since you decided that these don’t count …

On Nov 26, 2005, J Man asks you about “hair down there”, in an IM session, clearly a readers question I would say …

Or, alternatively, if you think that does not count either, how about “Pregnancy vibes” (Dec 16, 2005) .

8. What kind of images am I known for posting in my blog?
Easy ! Hentai

9. Which is the guest cockblogger that I have dated?
J (Dec 07, 2005)

10. What is your favorite HNT of mine?
The beautiful artsy one on Nov 3, 2005 !!

So there you have it! ^_^

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