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Is this A Sexy Post?

WARNING this post contains images from the Body Worlds 2 Exhibit – you might not like them and you might want to scroll on down past them as quickly as you can.

As I’ve mentioned, I just got back from my spring break vacation. I had a very fun and busy time skiing, popping into the city, and relaxing by the fire. ^_^
Oo! A prize to the person who correctly guesses where I took this shot!
(click to enlarge)

One of the things I did while I was “doing stuff” was head over to the Science Center to see the Body Worlds 2 exhibit (since this was it’s last week in town).
I went on Saturday night with a friend and we ended up staying there for three hours! The exhibit was open all night too, so when we left, at 1am, there were still people arriving. In fact, all the tickets for that whole 24 hours period were sold out! (luckily we bought tickets online a few days in advance).
As a woman of science, I found the exhibits fascinating. I’ve taken a number of courses covering a lot of physiology, so it was very cool to see the real thing (instead of diagrams). And the full body plastinizations were very very cool. If you ever have a chance to see Body Worlds, do it!
However, as a perve, I couldn’t help noticing all the… bits. At every full body plastinid, I found that my gaze went straight down before I could look at the other, educational, parts of the display. Now before you dismiss me as a disgusting sex fiend (for the record, I was NOT attracted to the bits! It was just innocent curiosity/fascination) – after talking with a few other people who had seen the exhibit or who knew people who had seen it, I found that I wasn’t the only person who noticed all the penises and vaginas!
They certainly did stand out!

For example, here – This was the first one I saw. Aside from the penis, the interesting thing here is the knee implant (also the muscle severed here is one that I know very well).
The interesting thing about this plastinid is that many of his nerves have been preserved so that you can see their paths AND this particular fellow had/has 6 fingers and toes on both hands and feet! But when I showed this pic to a friend, the first this she said was, “you took this picture because of his cock didn’t you.” Shocking!!
Here I tried to take a picture of a female plastinid – it didn’t work out so well because I was worried that I might get in trouble (tho there were no signs saying that I couldn’t take pictures). I think we were supposed to be looking at her musculature, but to be honest with you, I was very tired by this point and had already spotted her vagina from across the room.
This fellow is “drawerman” I thought he looked very cool (see, it’s not all about the penises!)

As we wandered around the exhibit, we did overhear some of the other patrons wondering aloud about various features of the plastinids and body systems (I must confess that I nerded out and answered a couple of them) - one question that caught my attention was muttered by a youngish man to his female companion: “How can all their dicks so big? “
He didn’t seem like he really wanted an answer, but if YOU do sweet reader, read on!
You may not know this fellas (and ladies), but a good portion of your penis doesn’t dangle between your legs. The root of your penis starts pretty deep on your pelvis, which, if you think about it, is a very good thing. That way you don’t have to worry about it flopping around too much when it’s hard and you have all that stuff inside you holding it steady while you have sex, so that you can thrust as hard as you like.

What kind of stuff you ask, stuff like the suspensory ligament (shown in the diagram below). This handy ligament attaches the penis to the pubic bone (sounds pretty sturdy, eh?) and helps give your penis it’s happy-go-lucky upward lift when you’re hard.
When a man decides that he wants penile enhancement surgery, the doctors will snip this friendly little ligament and stretch the penis out of the abdomen a little. This will make the gentleman’s penis look longer. BUT now the poor penis will not be as stable when erect, it will wobble around and could get seriously hurt during penetrative sex. :( Doesn’t sound worth it to me.
SO in answer to the original question (finally), some the plastinids look like they have/had big cocks because we are seeing their entire penis – including the part that would have been inside the abdomen.
And now, since you’ve been so well behaved sweet reader, I offer you some gratuitous and unrelated porn to make up for the plastinids’ unsexiness. Enjoy:
Make sure it’s steady hunny!

16 comments to Is this A Sexy Post?

  • Aragorn

    Lol, you little perv and scientist … ;-) Nice post. I always knew there was something in science that inspired me … Now I know. Hugs ! – A

  • Dielo

    Ah, I’ve never been to one of the Body Worlds exhibitions, but I have held a plastinated arm – it felt rather like a ham joint.
    But, yes, Von Hagen is a curious fellow; I’ve watched a documentary about is plastination process and his Autopsy programmes. Which, again, feature gratuitous full frontal male nudity – live models, this time, with drawings of muscles, veins and arteries over them, which was quite amusing.
    Odd cove that Von Hagen though, haven’t quite worked out his motives. I’m sure he is fascinated with anatomy, but he’s a bit of a self-promoter and, well, a bit wierd if you ask me.

  • Cayman J

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation and welccome back. now i have something to read on the net again. That Body Works exibit looks cool. I’ll have to chek one of those out.

  • JUnderCovers

    The fact that you’re so into this and answered people’s anatomy questions makes you even hotter than I thought before. :)

    You’re lucky you’re in Canada–if that exhibit came to the U.S., they’d probably put little curtains over the naughty bits, wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun for you.

  • Shay

    Aragorn – haha all the penises? ^_~

    Dielo – I did get to hold one of the brains, it felt… fake. I certainy agree that Von Hagen is a brilliant but very odd person (as usual). I do like the idea of having permanant real anatomy models instead of *wasting* corpses in some of the undergrad anatomy classes.

    CJ – aww were you bored without me? At least I was still kinda posting while I was away.

    JUnder – awww you’re so sweet! So brains really are sexy! (the kind in my head – not the kind I held in my hand).
    Naughty naughty J! Didn’t you click my shiny link? There is a Body Worlds show in Philadelphia and one in Houston right now. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I saw that exhibit in Cleveland – AMAZING!!! I am so jealous you had your camera there – they were VERY specific about not taking pics. :( And yes, since they left the skin around the “personal” bits (eyes, mouth, nipples, etc.) it was very hard not to notice them. *wink*

  • Breeze

    Very COOL post!! Thanks for sharing it. I’ll watch out for the exhibition – I’d love to see it!

  • :P fuzzbox

    Giving up performance for length sounds like the act of a very insecure person. I love the educational aspect of your site.

  • Alex

    While the exhibits were fascinating I’m afraid I’m in the mood for gratuitous and unrelated porn.

    I’ll be sure to get my scholarly head on for the next time I visit :o)

  • DZER

    hmm … think that exhibit will go on the road and stop by Guam? LOL

  • Goose and Gander

    In the words of Keanu….Whoa.

  • DH Spicy

    As I scrolled down the pictures, something did tell me that last one wasn’t from the Science Centre.
    Funny and clever!

  • ArtfulDodger

    Saw the exhibit last year when it a was in town, awesome! And just for the record how can you not look at the nether regions?

  • Sheen V

    Thank you for the porn at the end. She’s very beautiful and I love the foot hanging over the sink.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve not been to your blog before. But having read that I’m picturing you walking around the exhibit. First I see the backs of your ankles wrapped up in the black staps of you high-heels. And as I follow your calves up I find a new appreciation for womens’ stalkings. Interupted by the base of a white lab coat, I wonder how high up they actualy went. Are there panties up there?
    As I look up for the rest of the women I realize I have been caught. For there you are, looking over the top rim of your glasses, right into my eyes, with that look that says, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”
    What ever will be my consiquence?

    I do belive the exhibit is in my town right now. I should run down there and check it out.

    Take care. I’ll be back.

  • Tiredawg

    That was at Mosi in Tampa Fla. Cool ass exhibit, I was there.

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