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Mr. Limpy

Super short post today.
I just wanted you to know that I love these SO much!
and I want one.
You can get your own from Fleshlight

7 comments to Mr. Limpy

  • rupert

    They look like they ought to come with a name tag and bio. Strange objects indeed.

  • Pornster

    I like ‘em.
    But what I miss is a proper description. I already googled for them before, but never could find out how big these things are. That’s sort of important…

    So which one do you like best, eh?

  • Aragorn

    CUTE ! They would be revolutionary if they had a mechanism to get hard too … ! – A

  • Shay

    Rups – a name tag and a bio? that might be fun! ^_^
    “Meet Floppy. He enjoys ‘hanging around’, doritos, and rubbing up on the back of your neck.”

    Pornster – I bet they are life sized, but they would still be fun if they were a little smaller. I would want to make sure I’m getting my $14 worth tho.
    I think I like the chocolate and lanvender ones the best, but I also like how the mocha one looks in that picture. ^_^

    Aragorn – yeah! that would be very interesting and surprisingly popular I bet.

  • Shay

    pornster- check the link to the site; they come in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large! ^_^

  • Biker & Teacher

    LOVE THESE! I just ordered three of them for gifts! (And I will keep one for myself) I can’t wait to hold them in my hand. But, sadly, now matter how long I play with it, it will never get aroused.

    So sad! :D

    The Teacher

  • Desireous

    Oh I want one! Gotta have one! I just love all the neat stuff you come up with over here Shay!


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