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HNT and a Poem

Tada! It’s a double feature this week for HNT!
First, I present to you my nearly completely naked legs:

(yes, you’re right, this IS the other half of the “little Shay in a BIG chair” pic)

And second, here is a very sweet poem written about me this week. ^_^

by Licentia Vatum

Once upon a time in a far off land
Someone stood up, then raised her hand
I recognize you, the teacher spoke
Even though she’d just awoke

What do you want was heard from her
I don’t want, for that I’m sure
With an idea beyond her years
Advice with kindness, dry those tears

With arguments ne’er circular
Certainly, we laugh, not avuncular
We have pulled out the tape
And prov’d that’s not her shape

She takes us all ever so serious
We wish she were, ever more nearious
But whether near or far
Not travelled from Qatar

She’s held in our hearts
(we’d like to grab other parts)
She’s luscious and svelte
How right that’s spel’t

Vixen says she’s a good friend
We’d like more of that trend
With auburn hair and no whispy gray
And much sweet humor, is our Shay

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