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CockBlogging Wednesday 14 / Reader Question

Coincidentally, this anonymous reader sent me a question in the very same week as his turn for cockblogging! Talk about reader participation! ^_^

This guest cock was originally a little nervous about being featured but decided to be brave and go for it in the end (click image to see how he “measures” up).
His reason for being a tad shy comes out in his question:

Dear Shay,

Ok, so I have a pretty serious question, but first let me fill you in on some things.

I’m a 21 yr old virgin, and honestly haven’t had too much success with the ladies (obviously) but the thing is, is that I have recently found out that a friend of mine from high school is interested in me but not in a relationship sort of way, pretty much just as a fuck buddy.

I am very much self-conscious about myself, not just in skill, because I know that I won’t be that amazing or anything my first time, but mainly with the size of my cock.

It is about average size and all, but I honestly don’t know how to get over the fear of being embarrassed if we end of having sex, because of my size. Is there something that you suggest to help me with the fear, or maybe even possibly the size??? I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have.


Oh ShyGuy, A LOT of men worry about their penis size. A LOT. You know who rarely worries about penis size? Women. You know why? Because we know that even guys with smaller-than-average equipment can still rock our worlds if they know what they are doing.

People always talk about how the media makes women feel inadequate and damages our self-esteem, making us (women) feel like we have to lose weight, wear make-up, dress a certain way, or even get plastic surgery. But men, like you ShyGuy, are so often neglected in these discussions.

Porn and Spam mail are two of the biggest culprits for brining down men’s self esteem. Sure guys in porn often have ugly hair (and sometimes ugly bodies) but what do they usually have? A penis that is (or appears to be) larger than average. Not only do they seem well endowed, but their partners seem to think so too! And if that’s what it takes to satisfy a women (or man, or both), how can any “average” fellow hope to measure up?!

The guys with long shlongs who end up in the porn industry are there for a reason. To the average viewer it feels like every other guy must have a bigger penis than their own, but they are wrong.

This is the concept of “over-representation” at work – because you’ve seen so much porn with guys who have big dicks, you imagine that everyone must have one, except you. But this isn’t true! It’s called “AVERAGE” for a reason, if you really are of average penis size then most guys have penises the same size as yours or smaller! You shouldn’t worry about those outliers in the porn industry (though I know it’s hard).

[As a side note, although many people like to look huge penises, not many women actually enjoy one inside of them - there's only so much space inside the average vagina... The average vagina is built for the average cock.]

Unfortunately, to add to the worries you might have acquired after years of viewing porn, spam mailers seem to have picked up on how common it is for men to worry about their penis size.

It doesn’t matter how often you might complain about the “increase your penis size” and “big willy 4U” e-mails filling up your junk mail – some of the message that your penis might be too small seeps into your subconscious (or conscious) mind and feeds your worries.

I think it’s reprehensible that spam mailers feed on this weakness that men have and try to convince them to try whatever herbal supplement they are hawking (don’t bother, they don’t work – if herbal supplements DID increase you penis size we would all hear about it on the news).

I don’t mean to disregard your concerns ShyGuy, regardless of the reasons behind your worries, you concerns still seem real to you. So let me get down off my “anti-media” soap-box and we’ll talk some more…

I’ve talked about penis size worries before. I’ve heard rumors that Penis Pumps can be used for enlargement, but so far no one has really reported any significant, permanent results from using this (it’s more useful for guys with ED). You could also try a sleeve, but honestly I don’t think you need it.

To be honest with you ShyGuy, from your picture, I can say that you really shouldn’t be worrying that your penis is too small. It looks to be healthy, fully functional, and a quite lovely size.

If you decide to go for the “friends with benefits” sex with your school chum (who clearly isn’t worried about your penis size), maybe you will worry less after you see how much she enjoys herself with you.

I also think that you need to tell her that you are a virgin. If she isn’t able to tell for herself (some women can tell), at least she will know to take things a little more slowly or to take the lead. (Also, a lot of women get really turned on at the prospect of bedding a virgin.)

If you are STILL worried about her being disappointed with your size (and I’m sure she won’t be) there are some positions that can help maximize your size:
1. Doggy Style – it lets you reach deep inside her during penetration.
2. I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s when you have the woman on her back with her legs in the air – with her legs open you can get in really deep and with her legs closed you will feel wider. There are other positions that work, but this post is getting FAR too long.

So in conclusion, your penis does not appear to be small so try to stop worrying so much because you aren’t going to disappoint your partner(s). And if you can’t stop worrying, know that there are positions you can use to make your penis feel bigger once you’re inside.

Good Luck and I hope I helped!

Is your cock feeling jealous and eager for some time in the spotlight? Send a picture to me( [email protected] ) and he will get his turn.

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12 comments to CockBlogging Wednesday 14 / Reader Question

  • Desireous

    My goodness he has nothing to worry about that is quite a lovely cock!!!


  • Aragorn

    I am with Des, nothing to worry about !! Also, great post Shay, very considerate and educative writing. A little addition, I think the ‘her on top’ positioon is also great, as she controls the moves and can make sure to get the maximum stimulation of the penetration. Good luck ShyGuy. Hugs dear Shay – A

  • Cayman J

    Good advice Shay. Don’t worry about anything ShyGuy. There are ways for a woman to feel as though she has had the most unbelievable sex with minimal penitration. It’s all about the foreplay. Use it. BTW Shay, that position that you are referring to is called Lotus in the Japanese Pillow book.

  • Anonymous

    Shit dude, I wish my cock was that nice!!


  • Madame X

    Very well done Shay!

    Shy Guy, Come and sit in the Madame’s Lap she has something to tell you!

  • Sheen V

    Nothing to worry about! If she is only interested in you as a fuck buddy then you can use this to your advantage to learn about all the sexual things that worry you. Some people a very reserved when it comes to asking for performance feedback, especially about sexual performance. I’d approach her with the attitude of “Let’s both learn!” If you both have the same open attitude about it, you’ll learn a lot.

  • Goose and Gander

    That is one fine looking penis. And I don’t say that often. Okay, maybe never. But I can say that I have an almost exactly average penis (from what research tells me) and I’ve never had a complaint! Let me also say, about porn, that not only are the men hired for size, but women are hired to be _small_ and make those dicks look even bigger! In that regard at least, porn has nothing to do with reality.

  • Shay

    Aragorn – I’m not sure if her on top will provide much deeper penetration. But it IS a good position to use if the gal is a little more experienced than the fella. Good suggestion. ^_^

    Cayman J – Lotus? Really? huh. I thought lotus was something else…

    JP – awww i’m sure it is. ^_^

    Madam X – Naughty naughty girl!! ^_^

    SheenV – GREAT tip! One should ALWAYS be open and ready to learn durring sex play! Uptight people don’t make very good lovers.

    Gender – Excellent testimonial! Thanks for the input! ^_^

  • Authoress

    Baby, that is one nice cock.

    You have no worries. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

  • dacock

    Shay, what a great post, congratulations! :-)

    …and Shyguy…i´m a man, but i like your cock too! :-) I had the the same problems like you, but after I made my experiences, I was contented and noticed, that this is no problem! (hope my english is comprehensible)

    Best Wishes, dacock

  • John

    I think that your penis is great. I wish that my penis looked like that.
    Can I sit on your lap for a while

  • Anonymous

    That is a nice cock you’ve got there. I would be very happy when I took off your pants and saw that. Really. And another thing about the “average” penis: no woman wants to go down on a monstrous cock. I love giving oral if I can do it on a cock that’s your size or “average” because a) my jaw isn’t going to start hurting and b) I can take the whole thing down, relish it, and do it right.

    No worries for you – now get to it!

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