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Some Holiday Baking

Every Christmas I absolutely have to make a double batch of ginger cookies – it’s just not the Holidays without them!! They are perfect for serving at parties and very tasty with hot chocolate during a ski break.

However, this year I may have to change my recipe a little because these cookies are just too irresistible!

You can find the recipe for these extra spicy gingerbread cookies HERE
(psst – if you want to make your cookies extra extra spicy, like me, you can try putting in 3 times the ginger)

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8 comments to Some Holiday Baking

  • horny guy

    sweet… lol

  • saby

    lemme tell u of an encounter i once had with ….

    i was all alone at the pub
    and she walked in and sidled up to me

    ‘Hi stranger’ she said
    and i almost choked on my beer

    she had worn a blouse dat revealed more than wat it concealed

    and my tongue then dropped out of my jaw
    and i just cudnt take my eyes offa her front

    until i looked down
    and i saw wat no man ever saw before (outside the bedroom dat is)

    my tongue grew longer
    and saby jr almost made a hole in my jeans

    b4 i cud make a move
    the guy next to me bought her a drink

    and i watched as he led her to the dance floor

    the dance was not just dirty dancing
    it looked as if he was making love to u vertically

    by now evrybody in the bar had their tongues hanging out too

    SHIT !

    i cant go on
    i am still kicking my self in the ass for dat lost opportunity

    i been visiting dat bar ever since
    but she never showed up again

  • Desireous

    Hey there Shay! Surprise! You’ve been tagged!!! Come to my blog for details!


  • bedroomdancer

    Love those cookies. Wouldn’t they make a splash at the next family gathering. ;-)

  • DZER

    c is for cookie; that’s good enough for me!

  • gigi

    Shay if you like ginderbread and martinis check out mamalicious for my gingerbread martini recipe!

    Sorry I missed you last night!


  • Lily

    Very cute. :) Are you going to serve those at the family Christmas party?

  • :P fuzzbox

    Now those are some cookies for licking the frosting.

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