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So there I was…

… Innocently trying to do a little baking.

Can’t a girl cook naked (save for an apron) without constant interruptions!?


J man says:
So you’re going to bake your own Birthday cake?

Tiny Time Vortex says:

J man says:
Somehow that just seems wrong.

Tiny Time Vortex says:
Well, it’s the best way to make sure the cake will be good. Besides, I like baking and you can have A LOT of fun with a can of frosting.

Yes yes I’m a lazy bum, making a cake from a mix and using canned icing – I’m too busy a girl to be cooking from scratch all the time! I mean, look at all the interruptions!

Check back with me here tomorrow (Saturday) for more fun!! ^_^

4 comments to So there I was…

  • Big Ed

    Haha love the pics…that’s just too funny…although I do have to agree the “masculine undertones” in most hentai can get a little…intense…sometimes.

    just my $0.02 worth…


  • waha`

    I agree. Even some of my fave artists like Yonekura Kengo, Saigado or even Po-Ju revel with the masculine overtones on homosexual sex.

    And it must be fun to be a female to be able to find such resourcefulness with a can of frosting. Then again, even Dane Cook found some use with his penis and can of cashews.

  • Shay

    Just some good “clean” fun boys – chill out, this was not meant to be a social commentary. ^_~

  • Big Ed

    fair enough ;-)

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