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Film Fridays 1 – start The Weekend off right

You, my lucky reader, are about to bear witness to the founding of a New Day here at The S Spot – A New Day called: Film Fridays.

That’s right you lucky reader – every Friday I will be posting a link to a fun (or funny) and sexy video that I think is worth seeing (if you don’t like it or have seen it already, too bad!).

This week I offer you the video “The Weekend” because I just recently re-discovered this old-ish song and remembered that I had seen a sexy video for it. I tracked down the video for your viewing pleasure (aren’t you lucky!).

So voila. Click HERE to watch the video (semi work safe – depending on who is looking over your shoulder).
now… can I fit the word “lucky” in again anywhere else?

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4 comments to Film Fridays 1 – start The Weekend off right

  • Desireous

    How cool is that!!!


  • Alex


    I thought we’d had all those tapes destroyed.

    OK, we admit it, that’s why Suze quit her last job, they found that security footage.


  • r martini

    I need those women working for me!
    Interested parties please stay tuned for my interview process…..

  • :P fuzzbox

    Made me think of what it would be like if SNL had been on HBO. The copy guy ogling copies of these girls stating, “Making copies on the copy machine.” with his hand down his pants.

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