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uhmm… “Hypothetical” question:
Is it acceptable to ask another girl in the locker room where she got her bra?

Or does that totally give away that you were just looking at her breasts?

… must….not…peek….

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15 comments to Question…

  • Karl Elvis

    Isn’t it acceptable in all-girl space to just look at her breasts?

    I mean, when I picture it… Well, ok, nevermind.

    But sure. Asking about her bra is always ok. For you. For me, it might get me slapped, but I kind of like that.

  • :P fuzzbox

    Unless It is a peek-a-boo number, it is just fashion tips.

  • Shay

    Well you see, the thing is, I actually WAS looking at her breasts but also noticed that the bra she was putting on was very pretty…

    I mean! This is all just hypothetical!!…really. ^_~

  • horny guy

    i dont think it gives you away.. its not like you’re asking what size are you… lol

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Nice save, Shay. Sneaking a peek at the titties were you? And you hid it by commenting on her bra. Niiiiice.

  • Lord & Ms C

    …must…not…look…at breasts.

    Eek, Security. I’d better leave this locker room!

  • DZER

    it’s always good to peek



  • Desireous

    I think most girls wouldn’t be offended most probaly would appreciate the compliment.


  • hasarder

    I know what you mean!
    I do lots of belly dance classes, and I’m constantly commenting on how nice the other girls’ hip scarves are.
    Um, yes, of course it’s their hip scarves I’m looking at. Not their sexy wiggling hips. Ahem.
    Hooray for floor to ceiling mirrors!

  • bedroomdancer

    I think I’d go for the ask. If she’s offended, she’s too uptight to worry about. I’d be flattered if it happened to me.

  • Alex

    I have asked women where they got their clothes from. So I could get something similar for Suze. They may have been disappointed (or relieved) when I said, “oh, thanks for that info …” and left it at that rather than try to hit on them.

    But never in the locker room, I’d get thrown out of the gym.

  • gigi

    It’s OK to say, “Nice bra where did you get it?”

    But not OK to say, “Nice tits, where did you get them?”

    “Nice tits, can I touch them?” doesn’t go over well either.

    BTW:The polls are cool and I did vote on yours!

  • feetman78

    I don’t care, but more locker room posts.

  • Psylon

    Well I’d say that in most cases the girl will think of it as fassion advice. But if she was thinking that you were checking her out then maybe she’s interested in you?

  • BoobLover

    If you were me then you might say something like this, “Nice boobies, I mean bra! Ah hell, those breasts are awesome! Can I squeeze them?” Most likely I’d get slapped, but it’s worth a shot!

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